Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1 on 1 time

Saturday I had some one on one time with the lil princess. I asked her if she wanted to get her nails painted and what do you think she said "i like pink sparkles (head tilted hand in the air-of course!" :) I love that she is so tiny and for the both of us to get a quick polish it's $5! :)
 Tatum cracks me up with her purse like me. Let me also say that Jon dressed her Saturday while I was at a women's retreat at church. She looked cute, just daddy style cute! :)
 Yesterday Cade was having some tummy issues, but felt much better today. I thought I would do unto others how I would want and wait to take Cade to school until 24 hours with no tummy problems. Yes, I realize I still went to public places today, but I couldn't help but have a fun day with my boy child (yes-public places could have been where we picked up a tumm tumm issue to begin with-i get it). We took Tatum to school, went home for the boy to rest a little while I worked, went to lunch, searched for Cade a flying helicopter with remote (which isn't at the $1 spot-sadly), met gigi for a cookie and then picked up lil sis. Cade had SO much fun today and told me "thank you" for our date so many times. I love this little boy SO SO SO much!
 He said "i can;t wait to show daddy!"
I am SO beyond thankful for two healthy children and time I can spend with them together and apart. There is nothing like making them feel so special one on one. Looking forward to many more dates with my lil man and girl time with the priss!
Happy Tuesday!

Friday, February 22, 2013

wE aLl ScReAm fOr IcEcReAm! ! ! !

Sunday Mimi and Pops came over and brought the kids an easel to paint and color on outside. They love it So much and have played on it everyday this week, well that it wasn't raining.
Thank you!
 Tatum had a successful day at school in big girl panties so we celebrated afterwards with ice cream, I mean EVERY girl deserves this right!?!?! :)
 Score for brother too!
 Love her!
 We've spent alot of time chatting this week in the bathroom while trying to potty, and having fun too! :) Love my girl and her sweet kisses!

While Mommy and Daddy were away....

Last weekend when Jon and I were away at a marriage conference the kiddos had a weekend of fun at Gigi and Papaw's house!
 Nanny and Papa stopped by to give the kids their v day presents, FUN!
 This was pic was sent to me with the caption-"two year old bath time, ha"
 Slumper party?!
 Breakfast time!
 tired girl
 Thank you Mom and Dad for keeping al 6 kiddos while your kids went to a conference on how to have an uncommon marriage. love yall!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Our week

Sunday our baby niece turned ONE, cannot believe, it just dosen't seem real, but she is indeed ONE now and the baby-ness in the family is coming to an end. These toddlers are pretty fun I do have to say though! :)
here is Karlee one year ago. Oh she has gotten atleast 5 million kisses from Aunt Missy her first year. Love her so much!
 And here is the beauty at her first birthday party! She loved her cupcake :)
 The 2 youngest!
 Cousins and cupcakes!
 Monday we had a few friends over for some vday fun!
 and this is just life, i love to take pics of the mess. People tell me they think my house is organized and clean, I always just laugh! :) Love the compliment though-even if it isn't real! :) Ha!
 Tuesday my parents and I met to watch the processional of our neighbor and Navy Seal, Chris Kyle. I loved hearing Cade say that we held our flags for "respect and honor for the brave man." Which is so true. Oh every time I drive by their house it makes me so sad for his wife and kids. Really thankful to live in a city where everybody respected and honored this family so much.
 Happy Valentine's Day!
Tatum was annoying Cade, i know i know how why in the world would she do such a thing. ha! Cade takes it like a champ most days, but it was early and she was getting after this explains our Thursday morning before school. :)
And just to look back on last year,
how they have BOTH grown up
SO much! They both wore these shirts again this year, but they sure look like babies here. :)
 Cade was much happier when he found out we were going to the "muffin " place with Gigi and Papaw before school! They scored super fun vday treats from G&P!
 What a tired boy, this is what Cade was doing when I picked him up Thursday. He usually doesn't sleep much at school, and this day he came home and slept for nearly 3 more hours. Tired boy!
 Thank you Mimi and Pops for the kids fun movie! They loved getting mail!
 And today it is FREEZING out. Our winter could be 80 one day and 40 the next. We got the Mr a haircut....
 and the Miss nails! TGIF!
Well, I am off to pack the kids bags for a slumber party at Gigi and Papaw's house. They are braving all 6 grandchildren 6 and under in age for more than 24 hours. Brad, Brooke, Jon and I are headed to a marriage conference. :) Thank you in advance m&D!
YAY for the weekend! :)