Wednesday, March 27, 2013

kids being kids!

What is sweeter than a pic of a sleeping baby?
Yes, she is 2 1/2 and I might be planning her 3 year birthday party already, but she is sooo still the baby around this house! :)
For documentary purposes:
Tatum goes to sleep about 7:30 at night and sleeps until about 9-9:30 in the morning on non school days. Most days Cade will start begging me at 8:30 to wake her up, but the poor girl just loves to sleep. I think she gets that from me, and she requires a lot of it, I think like me too. :) The girl snoozes in the afternoon for about 3 hours too. But for some reason she WILL NOT sleep at school. Those days she comes home and naps and sometimes falls asleep on the way home. :)
Sweet sweet baby!
 Cade on the other hand likes a 3 hour nap in the afternoon, but is up by 7 everyday-he really always has been. Let me introduce you to all of Cades "sleeping buddies!" He sleeps with all of these stuffed people everyday and let me tell you he knows when one is missing-say possibly in Tatum's bed "hiding" under her pillow. Only a little sister would do something like that, right! HEHE
 I promise I don't take a pic of sleeping beauty everyday, just some days that I can't pass up. She is wearing panties all day, but at night and nap we put a diaper on under her panties and sure enough every time we go in to wake her up she has thrown off the diaper and says "those are for babies." Thankfully she has learned to hold it and wakes up with a dry bed, but my goodness if she didn't I think I would lose my mind changing her sheets, all 5 blankets she sleeps with, and everything else in her cozy bed. Speaking of-she is asking for a big girl bed. I am not sure I want to make that transition yet, but I am thinking about it since she wants it so bad. :) I have a feeling the children will be playing musical beds once she has freedom to roam.
 Lately the kids have been wanting granola cereal for breakfast most days with cut up banana. Easy for me and good for them! :)
 They are cute. But I promise you they 12 times over crayons this morning. They love each other a lot too, and it makes my heart SO happy! :)
 Tent time!
 Playing at the park
 Only Gigi spoils Cade so much that he gets a bite of his grilled cheese on his swing breaks. :)
 Making pancakes with mommy! I promise this girl is going to know how to cook by the time she is 7 years old. She makes more meals with me than I make alone and she HAS to know what each thing is, I love her!
 Cade- intently praying for everything and everybody he knows of, Tatum-can you hurry up? As she munches on her banannas. :) Cade is so sweet with his prayers, I need to video them and treasure those words forever!
 I've told Cade like 100 times this week that he has been SUCH a sweet boy this week, he has told me "I love you" about 100 times everyday and is saying things like "mommy you sure made me a yummy lunch today" and "you look pretty in those Christmas jammies (yes I should put those away, but he is too funny)" and "thank you for playing cars and puzzles with me." I could go on he has just been a really sweet lil boy this week and has made me so happy!
 This little priss is extra DRAMA right now and can turn the crying on and off like you wouldn't believe. :) She is pretty sweet herself though and after all , she is a girly girl- I mean what do you expect!?! :)
 I am laughing so hard as I load this pic, Tatum wears dress up clothes more than normal clothes at home. This particular day the kids were dressing up as pirates off Jake and this was Cade and Tatums version of Izzie. :) I sent Jon this pic and said ghetto princess! :)
 We make tents just about everyday. Living room lunch date for two-coming right up! :)
Yes-the vacuum cleaner is holding up one side of the tent-it was close by. :)
 And I will leave you with a potty pic. We spend lots of time going potty. Most days there is a kid in one bathroom yelling to be wiped and as I am wiping that one the other one is yelling to be wiped. We do lots of wiping and pottying, but it beats having kids in diapers that is for sure! :)
Happy Wednesday! :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013


We had to start the week off with pretty nails of course!
Monday we went over to Nanny and Papa's and played with all the cousins on my side of family!
We also had a little birthday party for Logan turning 3, Camden turning 3, and Kenz turning 5 while all the cousins were together! I am sure nanny and papa were worn out when we all went home.
Boys-fun times!
Hailey set up the back room just for the girls with barbies, babies, and all things girly! Tatum loved this so much!
We went to meet my sister for lunch and met up with my mom too for a little shopping.
The kids were SO sweet at lunch. Tatum said "i tired" and Cade said "baby lay your head in my lap." Melt my mommy heart!

I don't think I have mentioned on the blog before that Tatum is potty training. She is doing really really good-MUCH MUCH easier than Cade so far. I think the girl is getting the hang of it and it's getting easier each week.
We went over to Gigi and Papaw's for a fun day of play with Brooke and the kids!
 We made english muffin pizzas for lunch, yummy!
 Kar Kar love them-have I mentioned how much i love this sweet baby?!?! If not- a whole whole bunch. :)
 Good boys!
 The weather for spring break couldn' have been better-pretty sunny days!
 cousin lovin!
Cade and Tatum had their first slumber party Wednesday night at our house. They had SO SO SO much fun and wore each other out big time! My pics got out of order somehow-opps. This was Thursday morning, we were all up and dressed and out the door by 8:30 to eat donuts and play at the park!
 Love these sweet kids! :)
Popcorn, candy, and a movie, what else could they need!
I did pause the movie to brush teeth before they all crashed, ha!
 handsome corb-he is REALLY growing up!
 the gang at the park
 Thanks Papaw for donuts!
 Cade had baseball pracice Thursday night. Jon said he did REALLY great and that Cade is going to do so good at his first game coming up next weekend! I cannot wait! We might have a small to celebrate!
After practice Jon and Cade went to feed Jon's boss'- Jon sent me these pics and they made me laugh! :)
 Cade is getting really good at writing his name. We've been writing a new word every day 4 times since Cade is 4 and we have to eat 4 of everything and do everything 4 times. :) Some days it's, "well, actually I am going to be 5-so lets eat 5 and write the number 5-5 times." ha! Oh the boy! He is saying things like  "i am going to be a genius" and "princess you sure look bea-UTIFUL today." Oh  wish I could bottle him up and ALWAYS have a 4 year old sweet boy!
We went out to flower mound for a park day with Mimi, Ashley, Court and Beckham.
 The kids had a great time at a new to them park!
 Another really pretty day to be outside playing!
 A new and improved Merry go round!
 The youngest 2 on the see saw
 This pic made me looks like 2 boys going tt together. But, they were actually showing me how skunks spray out of their tails, ha!
 YAY tay!
 fun fun slides
 Friday night I snuck away and had a nice long pedicure with Kim. We REALLY enjoyed doing nothing but chatting and getting our feet looking pretty for close to 2 hours, ha! I felt sorry for my girl-my toes had not been done since last August, opps!
I posted this pic on instagram Fri night and it still makes me laugh that 2 of my hih school friends commented on which toes were mine-some things you just neve forget! :)
We had a fun family day with the Hubbarts. We ventured out to the zoo and after seeing the parking lot we quickly decided to not brave that crowd. We headed over to the museum instead and had a great time! Followed by some yummy mexican dinner at Joe t's!
Happy St. Patty's day!
 I caught Jon in a silly moment, funny story!
 We went to church, ate lunch, and played and played. The kids are sacked out and I am off to put away the 12 loads of laundry!
 I will leave you with the kids going on a "Disney adventure"!
 Happy Sunday!
I've really enjoyed the week of no school schedule, lots of play time, really as long as the kids got a nap, I got my work done, and we ate 3 meals a day there was no schedule this week!
Spring Break has me VERY ready for SUMMER! :)