Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Wrap

Last Thursday my parents came over for dinner and afterwards we all wanted ice cream. I had tonsillitis last week so ice cream was really in my everyday diet, ha.
Thanks Gigi and Papaw!
Yes, Tatum is in her pj's-it was nearly bed time when we decided to go! :)

 My little helpers!

 We ran to home depot last week and this quite entertaining!
 I went running the other night and I had some cute little visitors ride along with me! Yes we are a little bit country!
 Sweet sis and I waiting on Gigi and Papaw to pick us up for big brothers game! I love her! I love Cade's games!
 Great game Cade!
 After the game Tay and I went to meet aunt krissy with Gigi and Papaw for lunch and to shop "the best of etsy" in Dallas. Very fun!
Burger cheers! Kristin, I know you'll still love me for posting this pic! :) :) :)
 Later Saturday we headed to Tatum's Maypole dance, she did great!
 I still cannot believe I have children old enough to be in dance and tball. These are the best days, that is for sure!
 Midlothian was having it's 125th birthday Saturday. After Tatum's dance the kids got to play in the bounce houses, ride the pony (well the animal loving boy child did I should say....) and have a blast and until they were so terribly worn out!
 How sweet is this lil guy!
We headed home for naps and then Saturday night we hosted our small group at church. It was a full day for sure!
 I love how happy the kids are to go to church on Sunday. These memories and impact they have going to church will be with them forever.

 My baby in her crib. I am afraid these crib days are coming to an end at our house. Tatum wants a big girl bed so we will be transitioning to that soon. I sure hope it's as easy breezy as Cade's was. I can definitely picture the kids playing musical beds with their rooms connecting with the bathroom. Oh the brother sister love. I can already imagine Cade telling on himself and Tatum waiting to get caught and being the instigator. Oh those 2 and their personalities! :)
 Last pic. Jon sent me this as he was leaving for work this morning. Mondays are hard for the kids, they are used to daddy being home and with us all weekend and then he all of a sudden has to leave and go to work on Monday morning- what's that about anyways? How sweet and pitiful at the same time is this pic? Poor guy loves his daddy.
And I will leave you with a prayer request:
My mom has a carotid body tumor (that's what they are going with as of now) on her neck. She will be having surgery to remove-hopefully this week. We need prayers that once the surgeons get in they do not find cancer, prayers that there will not be any further complications in surgery, and prayers for her as she has to wait knowing her neck will be cut soon and a tumor removed. She has done really great so far and I know she will continue to. My mom is my person, love her tons. Thank you for prayers. I will update when we know the surgery will be asap.
We also have our big family Disney trip coming up in less than 6 weeks, we would love nothing more than for her to be healed from surgery and ready to vacay with her big crew!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

wordless wednesday


I couldn't help but take a pic of this sweetness! I love that Tatum has on no pants, Cade has on pj's and I am behind them pulling the wagon with Cades bike in it. We started the walk much differently, ha!
 I made a new recipe off pinterest the other night, baked chicken fajitas-YUMMY!!!
 and homemade salsa too!
 We had some good ol family fun on Saturday after Cade's game!
 The Jon and Jon Jr!
 And the little lady!
 We were so EXCITED to go to bubba's game!!
 Cade was so excited Court, Beckham, Pops, Uncle Rhett, Gigi and Papaw came to watch! What great fans he had! Thanks yall!
 Later Saturday we went to a craw fish boil and I actually tried it this year. It wasn't my fave, but I can definitely say I've now tried it.  ha
 And Friday we got to meet little Jax! He was born Friday afternoon and it the sweetest little guy!
 Congrats Andrea, Lance and Charleigh!!!
 This usually makes Jon want another baby, like those words came from his mouth. BUT, he followed that statement with we are good with TWO! :) I TOTALLY agree! :)
We love you Andrea!
What a fun weekend!

perot museum day

We had so much fun with Brooke and the kids, Gigi and Matt at the Perot Museum last week! I see more days there for sure! :)