Monday, May 27, 2013


This weekend was FULL of fun!
Saturday morning we went to Dax's 4th birthday at the park. The kids loved getting face painting and tattoos!

 We party hopped over to Hawaiian Falls to Charleigh's 2nd birthday party! It was chilly, but that did not stop the kids from having a blast in the water!

 Happy Birthday to Char!!!

 If this isn't Jon Jr...i mean really, i should get Jon going down the slide the same way-he makes this face all the time, ha! :)

 After the kids took a long nap we headed out for pizza Saturday night!
There is a new snow cone stand SO close to our house. It's actually so close that I told the owner we would be coming most days and we needed a season pass, ha! Funny thing is, I think they are going to make those available! :)

And last but not least of the party day: Pool party at the neighbors!
Sunday after church Gigi and Papaw invited us all over for chicken spaghetti and swim! It's definitely summer time...swim suits and beach towels will now take over most of my laundry! :) I am really excited for the summer with the kids! :) Lots of fun things planned!

Friday, May 24, 2013

This Week

This week flew by!
A few big things happened this week:
Tatum's first dance pics, awwwww!! Speaking of pictures, why did I not go into the business of school/extracurricular activities pics business? Does anybody else feel like you are constantly paying for photographs...i know this is only the first year of school pics and extracurricular too. And how can you not purchase all of these precious moments, right?! :)
 This week was horrible for the people of Moore, OK. I feel that my family can relate to those that lost all the "things" they have, but for those that lost family/children I cannot fathom how they are doing. The things can be replaced-homes can be rebuilt and necessities of life can be bought. But those lives that were lost and the kids-my goodness how heartbreaking. Definitely thinking and praying for those that were effected this week. Tuesday we thought we were going to be in some nasty weather too, and after Monday I couldn't possibly leave my kids at school when I knew the weather was going to get bad. So i picked them up about noon and we headed over to Gigi and Papaw's house where we could go underground if needed to take shelter. Do you know how thankful I am for that tornado shelter?
The kids got their "all about me" books at school on Tuesday. These books are like gold to me! Their teachers fill them up all year and it's basically a scrapbook of the big things they've done all year. Pictures of the kids, art work, notes, etc. Love it all so much! Here are the kids looking at their books and showing each other all the "cool" stuff they did all year!
 This was in Tatum's book, it made me laugh!
I keep forgetting to make a post just about little miss being potty trained. It's by no means taken lightly at this house, I couldn't be more proud of her for getting it so quickly! The Lord spared me so much frustration and little patience with PT the girl child, and for that I am SO thankful! I was telling my mom just yesterday that newborn stage, 12 months, and potty training (i should say pt the boy child) have been the hardest times as being a mom so far. I know those teenage years will be here before I know it and i'll beg for pt'ing, and waking up all night again-but for now those are the hard ones for now.
Way to go Tatum Lauren!
 Wednesday we went to Kenzie's pre k graduation. I cannot cannot really cannot believe that child will be in kinder in the fall. I know i'll be saying that about Cade next year, but really. She was just born, i promise!
After her grad we went to an indoor play area, lunched and had a fun time with cousins!
 Tuesday night the kids stayed the night at my parents house and Jon and I went to meet little Mr Tyler Soto! So crazy they are a complete family of 4, one boy and one girl! So happy for them! Congrats Soto's! :)
 Just a random pic before church Wednesday night!
Do you KNOW how much I love them?! :)
 Last day of school pic
Tatum-2 3/4
Cade-4 1/2
 School program! The both did SO GREAT!!!
 My heart was about to explode with how happy it makes me to see the kids sing about Jesus with such JOY! The smiles on their face while singing all these songs was the best!
 A little treat to welcome our SUMMER!!
 Our stay at home play day:
Well, I think that catches me up! I hope to not get behind for a while!
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Brady Bunch Weekend!

Last weekend we had a FULL house. I like to think of it as the Brady Bunch Weekend. Didn't they have 3 girls and 3 boys? We had the Clark kids last weekend from Sat about 1 to Sunday about 5 and we had a great time. Yes, it was crazy but we would do it again for sure. The kids were all SO good and had the best time playing for so long. Corb and Kenz like to stay at our house, so this was really fun for them. I asked them on the way back home Sunday evening if they wanted to go back home and they said "no." Now, that might have been a different story when they saw their mommy and daddy, but they sure had fun and so did we!





Sunday morning we managed to get all the kids up, fed, and dressed for church with 45 mins to spare! How? Who knows? So, we stopped by gigi and papaw's house so they could see all their babies and drove through sonic-for this momma a biggo caffiene beverage, and off to church it was!
The kids looked so cute!

I think Tatum is used to getting a lot of attention and possibly Sunday morning it didn't happen so much?! That pouty face is a little much, poor girl. :)
Sunday night all 8 of us headed up to meet the rest of the family at Main Event for some family bowling and dinner at Chilis for Matt's bday! Needless to say we were SUPER exhausted at the end of this night, but we had a blast!

Happy Birthday lil bro and what a fun weekend!