Thursday, June 27, 2013

loving summer!!

We are loving summer time!
I cannot believe that July is NEXT week, NEXT WEEK! We have got to make summer last a bit longer! We are enjoying our summer days with lots of swimming and sno cones.
We had so much fun yesterday at Gigi and Papaw's pool with 11 kiddos!

Today is the last day of the kids swim lessons, they have both done SO great! Cade is now swimming without his puddle jumper most of the time.
Here are our swim lesson buddies!
I am not sure if I have mentioned on the blog we started a new church in December, and it's been the BEST thing for our family. Here is a pic of the girls playing at small group on Sunday night at the Mcknights house.
Morning Cuddles with two sweet babies!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Saturday, June 22, 2013

OH-FISH-ALLY summer!!

Well it's really summer now!
We completed our first week of swim lessons this week, 4 more days next week to go! :)
The kids have done really great! Just tonight Cade was swimming at my parents house with no puddle jumper, yay!
 Our waterpark days have started too, so much fun in the sun!
 Our days this week have been lots of swimming and mostly 4 hour nap days. The kids had so much catching up to do from Disney trip....i think that wore us ALL out! They would get so worn out from swimming in the morning, then super long nap, go to swim lessons and then be worn out again-and might I add hungry ALL day long! Love these little fishies!
 Thankful for my parents pool 5 min away....makes it easy when Cade asks to swim daily!
 All week we were in swimsuits, actually 2 swimsuits a day all week long. On Friday morning I was putting clothes on the kids and Cade said "what are we doing wearing these real clothes" ha! I agree with him, not getting ready is way more fun! :)
 Holding on to Tatum being 2 for just 3 more weeks, she is looking like such a little girl and not so much a baby. :( But look how sweet she is!!!
 Girls night out last night for Kim's bday, so much fun having dinner together and shopping a bit. Great friends!
 I'll leave you with this sweet face.

We had a little stomach bug hit our house the last 2 nights, praying tonight we are in the clear. Thankful it wasn't too terrible and the kids snapped back to normal in no time. It's summer, we can't be having sickness! We had a pretty busy weekend planned, which turned into not so busy....which has tuned out to be okay!
 Ready for another fun Summer week!

Tatum's FIRST dance recital

This day was SO exciting!
I feel like I am living a dream come true with these little children of mine. I love the baseball games with Cade, and I love the dance stuff with Tatum.  I am sure all of their extracurricular activities will change so many times in the future, and I will love watching whatever they are doing.
Tatum's first dance recital was definitely an exciting day. She has done SO great in her first year in dance and I am so proud of her. Before the recital started the girls had a little awards show. Here is the little priss prancing across the stage to get her first dance award. :)

Getting ready for her performance. Looking beautiful!

All ready to go!
Is it just me or does she look WAY too grown up with this pink lipstick on?!
Lipstick and blush was all this mommy could really handle at TWO years old!

Cute little class
Tatum and Brenley, two dancing peas in a pod!
Thankful for everybody that was able to come to Tatum's performance. She danced for all of 3 minutes and some of her fans drove a long way for those few minutes. She loved so much coming out to everybody clapping and loving on her! My dad was stuck at the Florida airport all day, he hated to miss.

My goodness I love this girl!
Last but not least, I had to post this pic of Cade walking Tatum in to her last dance class of the semester. Cade went with my mom and I every Monday to dance and sat there, watched her practice, most of the time packed his bag of "stuff" to entertain himself, and did SO great. I am really proud of this little boy of mine! His heart is SO SO sweet!

Tatum, I hope you look back on these posts in mommy's books for you and were a beautiful ballerina and I LOVE you sooooo much!!

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads in our family!!