Wednesday, July 31, 2013

last week ish of July!

I have convinced myself that August must be a really slow month since the kids don't have their summer program anymore and there are no out of town trips planned. So, there we have it....August should be slow and not fly by before our eyes....right!
Last Wednesday my mom, sis and I had a fun girls night out together. We were just missing our other girl, Brookie! :) Next time, she is totally coming! Can't beat Grimaldi's and shopping with these girls! :)
 I took these sweet pics of the kids before their splash day at school last Thursday. We have enjoyed the summer program the kids were in for 5-6 ish weeks, but I am glad to have them to myself for August. I might be working some really late nights and early mornings with no school hours though...whatever it takes! I am just thankful for my days at home with the kids. I cannot imagine the mess that I am going to be this time next year as we will be preparing for Cade to start kinder...well, I just won't speak of that again until next August, ok!! ;)
I ran a splash run with Tanna and Alison on Saturday. We had so much fun...probably to much fun for a run! :)
I am so thankful for my sweet family! I love when I saw Jon wheeling the wagon over to see me before I ran, and loved having them wait for me at the finish line. This is my team!
How'd you get pics on the run? ha! :)

Way to go girls, such a fun time!
Sunday on the way to church Cade asked Jon for chocolate milk, and what do you think Jon said....
Well of course! :)
 I love this smirk SO much! My Nanny said today when we visited them "that little Jon!" I agree!
Saturday after the race we went to visit Papa in the hospital. We don't really know the plan just yet, but we do have a praise that he does not have cancer in his bones. Now, let's get this cancer out of his kidney. We are waiting for the plan....please continue to pray!
Last night Jon and I enjoyed a fab date out together, great food, uninterrupted conversations, ice cream and lots of laughs!
 By 11am this morning I felt like I had been up for days. Ran 3 errands, bootcamp, another errand, visited nanny and papa, swim at gigi's.....I was already thinking it was time for bed....
We had a good visit with great grandparents today....Papa saved the day and fixed Cade's remote lightning mqueen car! :)
 Sweet friends matching and looking too cute! Tatum is either in the middle of a really nasty summer cold or has super bad allergies this week. Poor girl, you can totally tell looking at this pic. Go away snots!
 This made me laugh today...
Speaking of Jon Jr. Cade had to have his sunglasses resting on his forhead just like Jon....he makes me laugh! I sent Jon this pic and he said "luv that boy!!"
Well that catches us up. We have a fun local getaway the next couple days with friends, can't wait!

Friday, July 26, 2013

pray for papa

We just found out tonight that my papa has cancer in the kidney. He's gone to many many dr appointments and had a biopsy this week and nobody has been able to give him any answers. He decided to go to the er tonight and be admitted so they HAD to figure something out. I just got a text from my mom that said "he has cancer in the kidney....they are checking him in overnight to give him 2 units of blood. A hematologist dr will come and talk to him in the morning and let him know what will need to be done. Maybe just surgery or possibly surgery and chemo."
Please pray with us that he is relieved of pain soon, he has been hurting so bad. Also, pray for complete healing in his body.
Our God is able!

"Im her little love"

We've called the kids our "little loves" for the longest time, probably all of their lives! This week Tay has been saying "mommy, I am your little love" in the sweetest little tiniest girliest voice ever and I needed to document that! I cannot believe she is 3 so I am sure when she is 6 saying big girl things I will need to look back at these words and remember her little. :)
Here are a few pics from the week...
Monday, headed to Gigi's to swim-when I tell the kids they can pick out their clothes you just never know what's coming down the stairs when I say "let's go"......
 This particular day it was cowboy boots, Minnie high heels, backpacks full of random things, a magnifying glass, swimsuits, at least a matching headband-and big smiling faces!
 Ohh Tatum. Wednesday I was making lunches for the waterpark and I walked in the playroom to see what the kids were up to. Tatum had said she already made our lunches....sweet girl grabbed her some baggies and made it all "playroom food style." Love her so much-she is going to be a good mommy someday I can tell that already!
 We were in the car the other day and Cade said, "hey I have an idea-let's get slushes at sonic." I said, ok why not it's summer! :) Happy kiddos!
 We have been riding bikes together a lot! :) I love that they are so close in age to share fun times like this together! Learning to ride a bike together is fun...Of course Cade has a year on Tay, but she is a quick learner!
 Well, it's FRIDAY!!
I will leave you with a moment from last Friday....
The kids and I came home Friday night from vacation...we had been gone all week and that was the LONGEST by far that Jon has ever gone without seeing us. We walked in the door and he hugged us for the longest hug possible-like big family group hug, he had tears in his eyes he missed us so much. He is nowhere near perfect, none of us are. But I just wanted to write about his tender heart and love for his family!
Okie Dok! I have a race in the morning and this DP I am sipping on is not going to do me much good.
Have a great weekend!! :)

great friends

I have been meaning to post this pic for over a week, but you all know how good I've been blogging. I don't think I have ever written about how our friendship with the Hortons began. It's definitely awesome and I want it in my books. After Cade was born Jon's boss' secretary at the time told me about a relative of theirs blog, she said they had a little girl the same day that we had Cade. So, I started following her blog for several months. One day, I saw her and her little girl at a restaurant in Arlington. I was with my mom, sister and cade and I said to them " I think I know that girl and her baby- I blog stalk her." I told them I was going to go over there and talk to her and they encouraged me NOT to, as they thought it was a little stalker-ish and weird. However I did not listen to them and I went ahead and walked over to their table and asked if her name was Tanna and if her daughter was Brylee. She quickly said yes and kinda held her baby a little tighter. I explained how I started to follow her blog and how our babies were bday twins, ha. I don't remember how we connected after that, maybe by email for a while and then met in public places for a while. And then not too much longer we began to meet for breakfast once a week, it was great. We became really great friends over the past 4 years and now to this day I consider her very near and dear to my heart. It's crazy how it all started, but now Jon and I have such special connection with them. Tanna and I have talked so many times about how God was so awesome to connect us for so many reasons. Love all of the Hortons and so glad to do life with them!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Galveston Trip!

Wow, I am finally getting caught up!
We spent last week in Galveston with my moms side of the family! We had a really fun time getting away and spending lots of time together!
Here are a few things that we did:
cooked lots of yummy meals together, kids played toys and toys and toys, we swam and chilled at the pool a lot, went to the beach just once-cade loved the pool so much and I was up for anything he wanted to do-you know tay is completely content (most of the time) with anything cade says they are doing-ha, we went to kemah one day to the boardwalk-fed fish, had the kids faces painted, ate lunch at the aquarium, shopped a little-really fun day, had sno cones on the pier, went to Murdoch's peir one day, went to the moody gardens aquarium, played at the park, went "golfing" as Cade has been saying, had a little birthday party for 3 of the 5 kids that have summer bdays, ate lots of ice cream, stayed up late every night, and just had lots of time hanging out and spending time together. I do not think I've mentioned on the blog yet that Papa is not feeling well. We know something is really the matter with him, but we do not know what that is yet. He had some tests run yesterday, so we hope to know what the problem is and how to fix it by the end of the week. Please pray with us that whatever it is we can easily fix it with meds and lots of love!
Thank you to Nanny and Papa for the awesome time share....and for sharing it with your BIG family!
What a fun week making memories!
Enjoy the many pics!