Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

what have we been up to?

Well, just call me blog slacker. I do have one excuse, I was a single mom for a week and that left no time for anything such as the blog. Jon went on a work trip to Tennessee last week. The kids and I stayed at my parents house, it was a busy and fun week!
We love our matching headbands!
You will notice Tay is in full swing prissiness, sassiness, and as girly as you can get....she wants to paint her nails daily, anytime I am putting on make-up-there she is right beside me, when i'm drying my hair her hair needs to be dried too and if I curl or braid my hair, you better believe her hair will need to be the same way! I love that she wants to do everything like me, that just means I need to make sure everything I do can be copycatted my lil darling daughter!
The kids are VERY into painting and crafting this summer! We are constantly making a new project!
Jon took Cade to Home Depot to make a truck a few weeks ago and I just found these pics...

and after home depot they went to play putt putt, to the arcade and to their place "buffalo long wings" as Cade says! I love that Jon has  little mini him to take to do boy things and have a fun ole time with. While they were doing such things tatum and I went to a Matilda Jane party, love love love those adorable clothes!
Tatum posing before church last week. Thank you Auntie for her cute dress and purse!
One night last week while we stayed at my parents house, Cade said to me "hey look, I am gigi"...we all got a good laugh out of this....
Gigi had some special dish washing helpers after breakfast one day!
Cade learned how to play tic tac toe at nanny and papas last week. He LOVES that game!
Fun at Red Robin with the fam!
 Silly boy!
 Loving their new paint!
 We cannot get enough sno cones!
 Swimming with Papaw! Notice Tatum isn't wearing puddle jumper anymore! I cannot believe they BOTH learned how to swim so good this summer!
 Sweet children!
 Love that we can bike ride over to our small group!
 I cannot say it enough....SO thankful to spend my days with these TWO!
 Yesterday we went dance shopping with Brenley! We are trying out a new dance studio this happy we have great friends to do this together!
 Yesterday we spent the afternoon hanging out at the hospital with Nanny, Papa, Gigi, and cousins. The kids had fun playing toys on a blanket and were surprisingly entertained and quiet enough for the hospital for several hours. It was so good for Papa to have them there. He is beyond frustrated with not feeling well, waiting for surgery, dealing with more hiccups along the way, and just being uncomfortable. I feel so sorry for him and cannot wait for him to feel well.
 I love this picture SO much! I love that Papa is smiling and the kids are all blowing him kisses! Papa said the only thing that would've made him feel any better was to have his other 4 great grand kids there. We are hopeful and praying that next week when he FINALLY has surgery he will be on the road to recovery. So thankful to be in a family where nobody has to do anything alone, there are ALWAYS a ton of us supporting whoever and whatever is going on. Please pray for our Papa.
I think anybody that knows Jon and Cade says that Cade is a lil Jon. My nanny cannot go a time without saying that when seeing Cade or Jon. :) It's true. Last night we were driving in the neighborhood from getting ice cream and Cade wanted to drive. I sat over in the passenger seat and saw their profiles and thought they were identical. Cade moved, so you can't see it that well. But man oh man, Cade knows what he will look like in 30 years right here! Thankful for these handsome boys of mine!
 Today we parked it up with friends! Fun times!
 Oh Cade's love for his little sister...
Sure, they fight over toys, do anything to annoy the other one, you know the typical brother/sister stuff...but more than they fight they really love on each other. I put the kids in the tub when we got home from the park today and I walked out to grab something and as I was walking back in the bathroom, Cade was telling Tatum all the activities he had planned for the afternoon. Little did he know they were going straight to nap after the tub....but it was the sweetest thing. :)
Well, the children are awake and I promised to bake cookies with them and go swimming!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Monday, August 12, 2013

fun in the sun

Last Thursday Cade finished up his first camp! The camp was Mon-Thurs 8:30-11:30 at our church. I thought Tatum was going to be sad everyday to leave Cade, but she actually didn't mind the one on one time at all. We would take Cade to his class and she would tell Cade "Cade, make me proud!" Love them!! I got in a little early and captured the last lil bit of story time on Thursday. Cade LOVED "happy camp" so much and is already asking to go back next summer. :)
After camp on Wednesday we headed to play with cousins at their new fun pool! :) the kids had the best time!

I could really take her home with me to have as my own....awwww!
I loved looking out the window the other night while cooking dinner to find the kids happily coloring together and talking about things like "do you think I am doing good...cade, you need to make it pretty...I think we should go swimming tonight. I love to just listen to them and their conversations, so sweet!
We took sno cones over to nanny and papas the other night for a visit. I hate that papa still isn't feeling well and his surgeon is on vacation for the week. We are so hoping for him to have surgery next week. Please keep him in your prayers.
(the kids thought it was WAY cool that I told them to pick out their own clothes and shoes, great combo Tay!)
Friday we met the Hubbarts for a little water park play before they move next week. We had LOTS of fun in the sun!

Cade is always THIS FUN!
Friday night the kids spent the night with Gigi and Papaw and Jon and I escaped for a date out on the town! :) Gigi sent me these pics, I think they had a good time! Thanks mom and dad!
Sno cones after their dinner.
I showed Jon and pic last week of 2 shelves that I wanted for the big blank wall in our living room and he said "I can make those"....and he sure did! They are just what I wanted. Love being married to a handyman! :)
We are off to the pool, happy Monday!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I survived summer bootcamp!

This summer I went to 16 boot camp sessions and really LOVED how intense the workout was. I can definitely say I've never done anything like that before and I can't imagine a harder trainer! I also never imagined how hard it is to push a tire, run a tire up a hill, or do 1000 burpees (well maybe not 1000 but LOTS for sure) The summer schedule is now over and the fall times will begin this weekend. It's crazy how much you can love to workout once you get in a good routine and have an awesome group to do so with! Thanks to Tanna for opening your home to all of our kiddos and hosting such a great boot camp!
Can't wait for our celebration dinner tonight!