Monday, September 30, 2013

Jail break!!

Saturday several of the girls I did boot camp with over the summer ran the jailbreak race together. This was by far the most fun we've ever had doing any race! These girls know how to push and encourage each other that is for sure!
Major photo props to Jon for coming to the last several obstacles and taking tons of fun pics! The race was 3.1 miles with 25 obstacles along the way! As you can see we started off clean and ended (especially me) covered in  MUD! Thank you mom and dad for coming to the race and helping out with the kids! Tatum was so funny, she wanted nothing to do with me after the race...her sweet little face would just look at me and say "that's gross mommy- do not touch me"....ha!
Thanks girls for a fun race!
All the adults in my family are doing this next year! :) Can't wait~!

Fun times with Gigi and Papaw

The weather has been so pretty lately! The kids and I met Gigi at the park on Friday for a picnic and play!
 He cracks me up!
 Playing duck, duck...
 One day this lil boy of mine will not want to swing with me in my lap anymore, so....until that day comes I am soaking up all of him that I possibly can! Man, I love his this face!
 Friday night the kids spent the night with my parents. My mom sent me this pic. Cade wanted to eat outside with Gigi and Tatum wanted to eat inside with Papaw! They are funny kids!
 Jon and I headed out on a date while the kids were at Gigi and Papaw's! I had a race the next morning so we decided on Italian dinner so I could get lots of carbs in! We were laughing that we were on our way home at 8:45 at night to go watch the new Gray's on DVR. We were both TOTALLY ok with that! I love him!

Jon's 33rd birthday

Last week we celebrated Jon's 33rd birthday!
Sunday my mom had the whole family over for lunch after church. Nanny and Granny B came too, and it was a lot of fun!
 Everybody that knows Jon knows he loves wings! Brad decided to gift Jon with ALOT of wings, and every flavor you could imagine. Thanks bro!
 My mom made oreo dessert that Jon loves!
 Last Saturday we had Jon's family over for lunch! We had pizza and cheesecakes and lots of play time! :)
 Monday for his actual birthday he wanted to have dinner together with the kids....we had burgers and sweetfrog!
 WE love this guy a lot! Hoping it's the best year yet for him!
Happy Birthday babe! :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

~wOrDlEsS WeDnEsDaY~

catching up

 I think after today I will finally be all caught up on my blog!
This was the first day of school....I just forgot to post it and wanted Tay to see what her class looked like....

Cade is in the pre-k school swing of things....he loves that Wednesday morning Papaw picks him up for school. :)
I think later in the spring we will have to start weaning Cade's 3 hour afternoon nap...the boy gets SO tired. I am definitely not complaining though, we've been on this afternoon nap schedule since the kids were 6 months old! :)
Fun times at chick with the Erwin and Soto children! :)
I LOVE this boy so much!
I usually take the kids once a week after school for a special treat, this week it was Cade's turn to pick....and you can bet on him picking "the cookie place" each time! :)
Wouldn't it be SO great to have this lil boy little forever, I mean really, that smile!!!!
A couple of weeks ago we had a family Friday night at the bowling alley! We all had a really fun time together!

My goodness I love them! Check out that look on Cade's face, if that isn't just like his daddy! :)
 While the big brother was at school today, the girls went on a little shopping day to north park!
 opps, we just happen to take this in the undies section....ha we all got a good laugh out of that! :)
 So glad Nanny is out and about with us!
 Very fun! Brooke and I rarely have just "our babies" with us!
 I randomly found this pic the other day on Jon's phone....they were at one of their home depot sat morning craft days. I love that Jon does fun things like this with Cade. They are best buds for sure!
 Last Wednesday with my girl! :)
 Morning Snuggles!
 Gigi kept the kids last Friday while I had an outing with Tanna. I love this pic of them.  I hope to have the same relationship with Tatum someday just like my mom and I do! :)
 It's finally fall! :) The kids and I whipped up some pumpkin muffins Sunday morning, yummy!