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Friday FUN!

Yesterday we headed out to the pumpkin patch with Kim/kids/her mom, Kristy/kids/her parents, and Gigi! The day was so pretty and we had a lot of fun! The pumpkin patch can wear us all out that is for sure! We had fun on the hayride twice, lots of bounce house jumping, pumpkin playing, and characters galore! Gigi brought pumpkin cookies for the kids to decorate after lunch...we had a grand ol time! :) Here are pics from our fun day!
I am really soaking up Cade as much as possible....both kids really. But with Cade only having Monday and Fridays off from school this year and then next year going 5 days a week I just want to enjoy every minute with him. :) SO thankful I have about 10 months before he has to start kinder!!!!! Now, time SLOW DOWN!

This and That

Last Sunday my college group got together for Jen's baby shower dinner. She wanted a small gathering so we did just that. Dinner at the Porch, cupcakes, gifts, lots of catching up and girl talk was done! :) I love these girls, SO MUCH! So happy we are all still doing life together, I hope that never changes!
We can't wait to meet Paige very soon!
Mondays are dance days for little Lauren (I don't think I've blogged about her most recent name....I will get on that).  We were trying to get out the door and I couldn't find Tay....I went in my bathroom to find her sitting just as I do to get ready each day. When I walked in the bathroom she said "i'm just getting ready mommy!" Ohhhhh, my she is growing up and WAY too fast for me. :)
Lunch with the Horton crew on Monday after dance. I have SO many pics of these kids at chick over the last 5 years. By the way my little boy will be 5 in just 4 weeks, isn't that just CRAZY! We love getting together with this crew! :)
Breakfast with Gigi and Papaw Thursday before school! :) The kids really look forward to this!

Friday FUN!

Last Friday we went to the Arboretum with the Clark crew, Gigi and Nanny and had SO much fun! Thank you Gigi and Papaw for the kids FAB fall matching outfits, love this tradition!
I think this years are my fave of all! AND, I think this might be the best pic of 6 kids 6 and under, what do ya think?! :)
 girls being.....GIRLS!
 Oh the lil girl child being a STINKER! Brooke and I were bribing pretty big here too, she just wasn't having it.
Cade, man, he really just rolls with it! :)
 I love this!!!
 We loved the Arboretum's new children's area.....Cade is playing in the garden playground here...on the celery slide! So fun!
We love our Nanny and Gigi!
Another fun fall day! :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

wordless wednesday

Happy Sunday!

Of course on most Sunday's I have to snap a few cute pics!!

Sunday night we had my nanny over for dinner and to make rice crispy pumpkins! Cade said the sweetest prayer at dinner that night..."and thank you Lord for loving Papa for us in heaven tonight..." Nanny smiled. We are sure missing Papa.
 The questions are starting to get a little more detailed from the other day we were singing "Jesus loves me" while driving home in the pouring down rain and the kids were scared because we couldn't see. I told them to sing that song and pray to Jesus that we make it home safe. When we got home Cade said "thank you Jesus for our safe drive." I told the kids we have to pray and ask Jesus for help and He will answer our prayers. He asked me a couple days later why Jesus didn't make Papa all better. I told Cade that Jesus DID make Papa all better, it was just at his forever home. The questions are hard. I know one day they will get it a little more. I can definitely tell in Cade's HUGE and PRECIOUS heart he will love Jesus and follow him someday, praying for that for both of our kids!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Friday Fun!

Friday we me met aunt Ashley, court, beckham, brooks and mimi at the pumpkin patch near their house for some pumpkin fun and picnic! It was such a pretty day for pumpkin patchin'!