Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Tatum came downstairs sometime during the night and got in bed with us. This has become a night time routine with her. I think she wakes up go to potty and is awake and thinks "hey I'll just go sleep with mommy and daddy" she comes down and taps me on my shoulder to scoot over. She will fall back asleep in minutes and is snoring before we know it. So, Christmas Eve morning she came down....Cade came down around 7:15 and I snuck out with him and left the girl child and daddy snoring away together. Cade and I had a little cartoon snuggle time and then we went to pick up breakfast.
We ate together and then the lil miss and I went to meet my mom for our annual Christmas Eve nails. Although Tatum did not choose a Christmas color this year-purple sparkles it was!
I love her!
 Cade and I made Santa cookies that afternoon! I love baking with the kids!
 Cade found his baby book album in his closet and wanted to look at each page, pver 500 we did. He has never seen this before so he loved looking at all the people that came to visit him and see how tiny he was as baby. He thought it was really funny that this time 5 years ago he could fit in his stocking! :)
 Mimi and Pops met us at church for our Christmas Eve service and then we went to Olive Garden afterwards, YUM! :)
The service at church was so great. We have REALLY loved our new church-I guess you can still call it's been a year now! :)
 The kids made a plate for Santa and the reindeer!
 And off to sleep they went.....

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas at Gigi and Papaw's 2013

We LOVE our Saturday before Christmas all day celebration at Gigi and Papaw's house! We all look forward to this day together!
We all arrived about 9:15ish to get the day started!
Gigi had the house looking so pretty!
 This is the kid Christmas tree that is in the breakfast room, it has all of our ornaments from when we were kids on it-well all the ornaments after the tornado in 1994 that is. :) All the grandkids love looking at this tree!
 We were all looking forward to the Christmas play again led by the children. Corbin read the Christmas story this year with no help, he did such a great job. The kids costumes were really cute and this really helped them understand the real story of Christmas! Thank you Gigi for making this happen!
 Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus. Tatum LOVED so much being Mary! She kept telling me after it was over "mommy I was baby Jesus' mommy!" Sweet girl!
 The wisemen
 The whole crew! Way to go kids!
 After the Christmas story play, Matt led us all in a few Christmas carols. We quickly realized that nobody in the family is exactly blessed with the ability to sing, but it was beautiful non the less! While we were singing I just kept thinking about how blessed this family is, we were all there together, all 14 of us-we are beyond blessed for that! Thanks to Matt we had some tunes for our off tuned selves, ha!
 Lunch time!
We had a delicious Mexican fiesta with 2 different enchilidas, tacos, dips, gigi had it all! :)
Girl table!
 Boy table+Kar Kar!
 Gigi and 2 of her girls! :)
 Present time!
 The boys loved their cars from aunt krissy!
 Tatum got a princess, her favorite!!
 And Cade has been asking for one of these for the longest time, way to go Gigi on hunting one down-this made him one happy boy!
 Hand made magic capes made my Gi, ;) Cute lil boys!
 So happy Uncle matt is getting so much better, neck brace is officially OFF!
 Really love seeing my girl happy to be hugging Uncle Matt, this is so huge for her!
 my main man!
 Brooke loved her giant beach bag!
 brad loved his new picture for his office
and gigi and her new kitchen stuff :)
 aunt kristin got the girls a princess set of jewelry and they wore it all day long! :)
 Gigi and her awesome stockings! She really has the best stockings ever, way to go mom! :)
 Time to get serious! :) It's gingerbread making time! :) Us girls love this tradition so much! We had all the supplies out and were ready to go!
 While we made the gingerbread houses the kids made big gingerbread people! How did Gigi have enough time to prepare for all of this, WHO KNOWS!!? :)
 Time for the men to judge!
 Oh these 4!
 I WON!! 2 years in a row baby!!!
And we finished the day off with a create your own pizza bar for dinner!
REALLY, such a wonderful day with my family! I am more thankful for them this year than ever! Love you all!

Northpark Trains and FUN at the Mall!

Friday we ventured out to north park for the trains and all the Christmas fun at the mall. I love strolling through the mall, when all the shopping is already done and I don't have all that pressure to get my list done, and just looking at all the pretty decorations!
First up was the Trains! When you get there early there is NO line, score!
The kids loved this so much! They love it every year, but as they are getting older they love it even more and we spend more time in the train area just watching all the cool trains and displays! The state fair display is the coolest! 
 Jamie came along with us, so happy to have here in Dallas again!
Tatum loved her being with us, really both kids, but Tay loved being held! :) We thought it was funny Cade called her "jenny" all day. :)
 Gigi met us for the trains, we have gone with her most every year!
 very fun at the trains!
 Next up was Santa's Story time! I love that the kids aren't really in to seeing Santa much yet, bc the line for THIS santa is crazy long!
 the kids loved santa story time!
 We had fun at the Disney store too!
 and at the lego store!!
 and at all the fun Christmas displays!