Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A day at gigi's

Me-"Cade, Tuesday is your last day of Christmas break before you go back to school...if you could pick anything you wanted to do what would you pick?"
Cade-"Anything in the whole world?"
Me-"Yes, Cade."
Cade-"How about play at Gigi's all day?!"
LOVE my boy!

wordless wednesday

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ice Skating!


On New Years Day Jon and I decided we would take the kids to LEGOLAND for some family fun!
The kids had the best time, we played there for several hours and really enjoyed watching the kids have such a great time! Cade loved building race cars with daddy and race them on all the cool tracks...and tatum loves anything cade loves so they did this together. Jon took tatum on the fun ride, we did karoke, and built a princess castle with pink was a fun fun time! :) The kids and I crashed on the way home and went to bed super early that night!


New Years Eve!

Fun times

We have been WAY into the game Racko lately (Thanks Matt-he was introduced to the game at rehab). We've gone over to my parents to play it several times in the last week and Jon thinks he is supposed to win each game, ha! It is really fun and addicting to play over and over! Fun times with the fam!
 Monday we met a few friends at north park for Presley's 4th birthday party, It was so fun to see friends from out of town and catch up with everyone! Presley's party was at Build a Bear and the kids LOVED it so so much, way to go Rachel with the fab party!
 Tuesday we went to Cerly's 3rd birthday party at the cutest little tea room....Tatum loved it so much that she is already asking if she can turn 4 there, ha! My answer is of course, NO, because I need her to stay 3 forever....the kids laugh and laugh when I tell them that. :) The girls enjoyed a fun dress up fashion show, a sweet little tea party, birthday cake and gifts! Such a great party!
 Thursday we went over to Nanny's to play and have lunch! The kids could sit at her table and color for hours and hours! Just over the summer I remember Papa coloring at this table where Cade was sitting with Tatum....she was telling him to make her princess coloring book pretty and he was using blues and greens, ha! The kids love going over there to visit, so happy they really know their great grandparents! And I need to mention that Nanny said after I took this pic, "don't you put that on your blog" but, I kinda had to because I love these memories! :) Nanny might "shame me" ha!
 Last night we went to dinner with the Brandon and Tanna. We love love love hanging out with them....we ended up staying at the restaurant hanging out for 3 hours, time flies when you are having fun! :) Love this family!

Christmas at Mimi and Pops'!

We had Christmas over and Mimi and Pops' house last Sunday. The kids loved playing all day long with their cousins....they all got new cars and they raced and raced, played lots of play doh, tried hard to walk in their new monster feet Mimi and Pops gave them, played a little basketball outside and lots more! Ashley, Rhett, Jon and I played multiple games of UNO and had lots of fun!
It was Baby Brooks first Christmas and he got lots of loving on for sure!
Here are a  few pics of our day together!