Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Sunday morning Kim, Andrea and I ran the Dallas Rock and Roll Half Marathon. We had trained and planned on running the Dallas Half in December, but due to the ice it was cancelled. We decided that we should continue training and run the half together in March. After the December race was cancelled I took 3 weeks off training and continued in January. I felt prepared for the race, although the longest run in my training was 10 miles.
Sunday morning we were excited and nervous and ready to cross that FINISH line!
Here we are just minutes before the race started!
 This was at mile 2-3 ish.....
 Andrea is super fast and took off early on, Kim and I stayed together and had a nice time chatting for 2 hours! :)
 My mom mentioned my mouth is open in all of our pics, yes, this is true bc Kim and I literally talked the entire 13.1 miles! :)
 Nearly there, oh how we were so excited to see that finish line!
 This was at mile 6-we ran the entire time!
 So many people are asking "how was the race?"
 It was really great, the weather was chilly and windy on some stretches, but I couldn't have asked for better weather conditions because we never got really hot or really cold. Mile 11-13 was pretty tough, my legs started hurting pretty bad and I thought the finish line didn't exist at one point. But, thankfully it did exist and I was so glad I finished the race! After the half I drank 4-5 bottles of water, ate a foot long sandwich and a large dp, took an hour long hot bath, took a 2 hour nap, for dinner I had a large Mexican feast including 4 fajitas and I still was not full. The amount of calories burned in the race kept me starving for 2 days! Monday I felt tired and draggy, but kept drinking lots of water. Today is Tuesday and I feel normal again! I am taking a week off all exercise and letting my body rest before I figure out what's next!
I am SO thankful for my family waiting for me at the finish line! Knowing they would be there at the end made it so much easier! I love that the kids said, "mommy you did so good!" Couldn't love them more!
By the end of the race the temps had dropped and it was so so so cold and windy, look at the poor children so bundled, they were freezing! Thankfully Jon brought them lots of blankets, they look pretty cozy in the stroller! :)
 My number one fan!
 Thankful for these supporting friends!
 Tanna sent me this sweet note last week, such a sweet and super thoughtful friend!
 I thought I would end this post with a pic of us laughing! We had fun even though it was SUPER tough! I will do another half marathon some day, but never  FULL marathon....I don't think my body was created for such a thing. :)
 This was interesting, my nike app was on the entire race and it calculated 15.8 miles and the half marathon was 13.1 miles.....crazy! I think a garmin watch is in my near future! :)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lil Slugger's first game of the season!

 Great game today Cade!
 We couldn't be more proud of you!
I'll ALWAYS be your #1 FAN!
Love, Mommy

Cade's opening Day 2014!

Today is Cade's first game of the season!
Last year I started the tradition of having a big baseball breakfast for Cade the morning of his first game. All week long he reminded me about this Saturday's big breakfast....as if I would forget! :) I love his sweet heart! Cade came down this morning and said "mommy, it's today, there is a big breakfast table set up, thank you mommy!" Oh how I love that little slugger!
Thanks mom and dad, matt and Kristin for waking very early today to join us! :)

Lil Sis doesn't look great does she?!
About an hour after this breakfast she starting throwing up....poor baby...and poor gigi's car (yes, that's where the puke happened). I hope my lil girl starts to feel better soon and everyone else stays well.

We had to capture the pancakes! Bless Jon's heart for making them...it was a "it was a had to be there kind of moment!"
Love you babe!

Good Luck to my lil slugger, I love you #3!!

the last week

Sunday night we met the Bina's for a family dinner, always a fun time with them! :)

Monday Tatum's dance class got their dance recital outfits and had a little run show for the mom's....the recital is going to be SOOOOO cute!

Can't forget this super supportive big brother! He told me after dance on Monday that it's hard work being all those girls gentlemen, ha! I agree Cade!

The kids playing games together, so sweet!

We met Gigi and Papaw for breakfast Thursday morning before school, love this pic!
I am addicted to this snack, sliced apples, thin layer of PB, coconut, oatmeal, and a few chocolate chips...YUM!
I asked the kids what they wanted to do for "Friday fun day" and Cade suggested going to the bookstore to read....the boy could read books all day long! :) So that we did! We had fun reading lots of books and playing at the train table!

The kids got to pick out a book to buy-Ninja tutles for Cade and Sofia for Tatum! :)
We also went to Dallas to pick up my packet for Sunday's Half Marathon (cannot believe it's TOMORROW) and Cade wanted to take his pic with the Geiko man, ha!
Thursday was the first day of Spring, and it was a BEAUTIFUL day! I picked up the kids from school and surprised them with fro yo and the park instead of naps! They thought I was super cool mom! :)
Another fun week with the kids! :)