Sunday, April 27, 2014

My bluebonnet babes!

My favorites!

Birthday celebrations!

We had fun celebrating
Sarah's 30th
Krisitn's 26th
and my 29th!

Spring Wedding

(prepare yourself for Jon and Melissa pic overload...)
Jon was in Eric and Krista's wedding a few weeks ago and we had the best time! I don't have any pics of the rehearsal dinner, but the kids came with us and it was lots of fun too!
 So happy I married a fun guy that loves to dance! And when I say loves to dance, I mean anytime there is music on he cannot and will not stand still! Here is my groom doing the "cha cha!"
 Fun night with my love!
We wish Eric and Krista the best marriage with lots and lots of happy years to come!

Pre K field trip to The Perot Museum

Cade's pre k class went to The Perot Museum a couple of weeks ago and we had such a fun day! I love being a stay at home mom for many many reasons, but one of them is being able to go to things like this with my kids. I hope to never miss a field trip! I love seeing how Cade interacts with his friends and in a different atmosphere than his normal that I don't usually get to see. I can definitely tell from several field trips with Cade this year that he is the leader of the pack in his group! :) I love that Cade asked me if I was having a fun day with him, I tell you what-that lil heart of his is the sweetest! :)
I love this 5 year old! :)

Tball Snack Day

This might be a random blog post....
Cade and Tatum were SO excited for Cade to be the "snack kid" a couple of weeks ago at Cade's Tball game.
 I was so proud of them because they said we will get ours last.
 Cade told me afterwards "mommy tatum and I were God's servants!" Man oh man I love his little 5 year old heart!
 We take meals to families often from our church or friends that have babies, etc....and I always tell the kids that we are being God's servants so that they grow up to have a servants heart. And it makes me so happy and smile so big to see them 'get it' and want to serve others. I LOVE them!

Kindergarten Round-up

I cannot believe that we registered Cade for Kindergarten!
Jon and I toured 2 schools and prayed faithfully for the right school for Cade to go to. Man, that is some stress right there deciding where you are going to send your kids to school. We toured the private school we are close to and (that I actually graduated from)and the public school that is literally 45 seconds from my house and we decided after lots of prayers together to send him to the public school. I know there are SO many opinions out there on schooling, and we feel this is the best for us at this time. When we went to kinder round up everyone was super friendly and I felt like we were in a good place. That feeling says a lot! I told Jon after the kids, my mom and I left there that day I felt like we made the right decision!
So here is my nearly kindergarten! :)
He is BEYOND excited!
 But, until the last week of August we won't speak much of the 'K' word! :) I cannot wait for a fun filled summer with my littles!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Clark Ranch

My family recently bought at ranch about 2 hours out of town and we all think it's going to be the best place ever! We went down for the first time last Friday and spent the night and headed back Saturday afternoon. It's close enough to be able to just go stay a one nighter or even a whole weekend.
Here are a few LOTS of pics!
I love all the bluebonnets on the property, so beautiful!
 The kids absolutely love being able to roam around and play play play outside together with no boundaries and endless things to do!
 boys playing tetherball
 the kids room is perfect for all of them. This will be the bunk room, but until the bunks arrive it's 6 mattresses! :) They loved slumbering together!

 Men assembling the dining room table, way to go!
 breakfast, gigi had breakfast casserole and pancakes ready when we woke up! I think we should serve her next time!
 Since it was Easter weekend Gigi brought stuff to make Easter egg ornaments for a little tree to keep at the ranch, so fun and so cute! Man, isn't it beautiful there, the grass is so green, I just love spring!

 Jon couldn't be more thrilled about the ranch. He's been talking to Cade a lot about hunting there with him. Brad and Jon scoped out all the deer blinds, feeders, and are ready for some man hunting time! When we got home Saturday Jon was already looking at the calendar to see when we could go back!

 Gigi made a scavenger hunt for the kids of different landmarks around the ranch. This was pretty cute and clever!

 At the end of the scavenger hunt was their Easter presents from Gigi and Papaw, so so cute!

 We took SO many rides around the property in this....
 Girls cooking a Mexican dinner!
 more girls cooking browinies
 Brooke's grandfather has a ranch just 3 miles down the road so we 3 went on a little adventure together to check it out. So cool to see a tree house Brooke played in as a lil girl. Fun times with these 2!
 ahhh hem, I put this kitchen table together all by myself, yes I did!
 Before we left Cade and I went to check out the fish in the ponds, next trip down we are fishing, a lot!
Until next time.....
Such a fun family weekend, cannot wait for all the memories that will be made at the ranch!