Tuesday, June 24, 2014

4th of July Outfits!

Gigi always gets the kids the cutest 4th of July outfits! We all swam at her house last Friday, so we took advantage of a little photo session of all this cuteness! Way to go on the outfits I know it's quite the task to find all the right sizes and all matching, way to go Gi!
And since I love to reminisce back to baby days....here are all the previous years....notice how many kids were added each year!
 I couldn't love my nearly 4 and 5 year old more, but I wouldn't mind being taken back to this day either....I've loved all the ages!!
That's ALOT of red, white and blue cuteness!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My whole world!


Seaside 2014

We came back Sunday afternoon from a week at the beach in Seaside Florida! We had a really fun time! Tatum and I were getting fixed up with a mani/pedi before we left!
 The kids and I flew out on Tuesday morning very early. We had a plane change in Houston, which happened to be a 5 hour delay. The kids and I arrived in Houston late due to bad weather, I checked the gate that we were supposed to go to and it was boarding....we were the family that was literally running through the airport like crazies....and by the time we got to the gate the plane was leaving.....so we waited for the next flight out....5 hours later.
 So, what did we do?!
 We ate....
 Played with Hannah....
 the boy slept.....
 and then when we got on the plane to head to Florida thy both slept. The delay really wasn't that bad-I am just a high strung person (I know, much to your surprise) so it was the me that was bored. Oh and when one of the three of us needs to potty- we all go, and all 3 backpacks....it was an adventure!
 We finally arrived!
 Let the vacation begin!
 Jon arrived the next day around noon and joined us for lots of family fun! I think Cade is having a blast!!! :) The boy couldn't get out of the water-he loved the ocean SO much!
 We made a big breakfast each morning before we headed out to the beach!
 the kids had SUCH A BLAST!!
 Our home for the week!
 Snow Cones at Frost Bites....the best snow cones ever!! So good that we had to get one each day!
 Time to paint!
 Sweet friends!
 We loved having so much time with daddy!
 There are several places in Seaside that we have to eat at multiple times....the brisket nachos are one of them....nom nom nom!!!!
 These are 2 of the places you cannot get enough of.....snow cones and grilled cheese!
 We had a really fun week together!
And....I'm already missing the chill vacation week!