Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tatum's Birthday Dinner

Tatum just had the best day!
After her birthday party we came home and got ready for her birthday dinner. She chose bj's for dinner, which I thought was pretty funny! The only time she remembers going there was before Kenzie's dance recital and she had her mind set on that being her bday dinner! :) I think she just remembered the pazookie, haha-my kind of girl!
Before we left she got to open her gifts from Jon, Cade, and I....she was SUPER excited! You see, the week before her bday we went to the Disney store and Tatum picked out a few things (ah hem, SHOES) and us girls left and let the boys buy what they wanted to give her! Tatum had been asking ALL WEEK LONG, over and over for her high heels. And we kept telling her we didn't know if she was going to get them. Poor girl, that's all she wanted and that's the last gift she opened.
Her day was made!
 Do you think she is a happy birthday girl?! :)
 Tatum was being SOOO goofy on the way home, hahah! I had to capture these moments, even if they are blurry and between the heard rest on my her giggles!
 Jon and I were talking at dinner that night that it used to be work at restaurants and now it's fun! We played a few games at dinner and we really enjoyed it! Love my little family!
Happiest of birthdays to my sweet daughter! Tatum said she will "always be my darlin'"! Love, Love, LOVE her!!

Tatum's 4th Birthday Party!

Tatum requested a Frozen birthday party months and months ago! would think that I would have had it all together months and months ago, right?! Well, we've been having WAY TOO MUCH FUN this summer and I kinda forgot to plan anything until about the week ish before. But don't you worry because my fabulous mom made all the décor with plenty of time to spare! She is really the crafty one in this bunch, that is for sure! All the party décor cuteness is props from this fab mom/gigi!
 The party was SO much fun! Tatum had tons of friends and family there to celebrate HER!  This year Tatum's birthday fell on a Saturday so we were able to have her bday party on her actual birthday! To say she was excited about all of this is a complete understatement, she was smiling ear to ear all day long!! I love that she kept telling me after the party "thank you mommy, I loved my party!'' That's when everything you've done for a 2 hour party is worth it....I love my Tatum!
 We rented Elsa to make an appearance for an hour or so and all the kids were like a magnet to her! Tatum absolutely adored her being there!
 We rented our local snow cone stand to come serve snow cones....I mean it was a frozen party and all! :)
Thank you to all of our friends and family that came to celebrate Tatum, it was so much fun!