Monday, August 25, 2014

Camp Gigi and Papaw

Camp Gigi and Papaw started bright and early on Thursday morning when Brad and Brooke left for an anniversary trip to New York! The kids and I came over and joined camp too! Thursday was "water day" and it was a fun filled day full of all things water! The kids played water sprinkler, water guns, slip n slide, water balloons, swimming, and everything over and over! They had a blast and loved all the things that Gigi planned for that day! I do have to say my mom planned well for the 6 kids 7 and under including all meals and activities!
Friday was a day of adventure! After breakfast we headed out to Urban Air for some trampoline fun, then to mcd's for lunch, to the park to play, toysrus for the kids a new toy, and then back home to swim and play! What a wild and fun time!
Saturday Gigi and Papaw started the day at the park with donuts, great idea! I came and picked up Cade and Tatum so we could have some family time with Jon before he left town for a week long work trip. Thank you gigi and papaw for the fun camp! The kids loved it so much and are still talking about how much fun they had!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Adult Family Night Out!

Last Monday all the adults in my family started a super fun tradition! Each August during Dallas Restaurant week we will try a new restaurant, this year it was Eddie V's!
 It was really funny because Brooke had these great coupons for the 4th course...well the 4th course was actually the course prior to the was called "tar tar" and needless to say we had no clue what it was. It was the chef's choice and it was later described to us as a raw steak. Well, the funny part was when the tar tar was set before us we all agreed it looked like canned cat food. Well, Jon decided to try it and he actually liked it. It wasn't until after he ate the entire thing did we know it was RAW MEAT, YUK! Needless to say, he wanted to puke, we thought he was going to, I think he wanted to....ha! Good thing that was NOT a preview of what was coming. The rest of the dinner was amazing! I had the iceburg salad, filet mignon, twice baked potato, and godiva chocolate cake-which was by far the most delicious thing I have ever tasted in my entire life!
We decided this pic looks like they are on a cruise ship!
 that cake I was talking about...oh yah right here!
 My dad told us it's pretty fun having adult children! :) So, I am glad we have that to look forward to with our kids too!
 These goofballs! Brooke said, I don't even know you anymore outside of kids....we agreed this was way fun and we are definitely making it an annual event!
 Lil sis, Lil bro!
 I love these people!
 What a great night, can't wait until next year. Good pick Brad!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

oh the love!

Great Wolf Lodge Trip 2014

Last Tuesday and Wednesday Tanna and I took the kids on our annual great wolf trip! We ALWAYS look forward to a fun time with this crew! The daddy's didn't make it out to have dinner with us this year, so they were sure missed-but we did have a good ole time! These kids just mesh and play well together, even if Cade is the only boy! And us mommas, I could spend days and days with Tanna and there would never be a quiet minute, we could talk forever and I always tell her I time together goes by too quickly!
We love this tradition with the Hortons so much, cannot wait for 2015!