Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The BIG Fam pics!

My mom has been wanting family pics done for her Christmas cards for a few years and we actually got them done this year! yay! We had fun taking them with Nicolette, and let's just say she had quite the job with all 14 of us! Way to go Nico!
I love this big crazy family so much!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

family pics-take 1

I love this pic!
This is my team, love them so much!
As always, thank you to my fabulous sis Brookie for capturing sweet moments!

 I thought I would throw these in this post too. Fun dinner with my family celebrating working hard!

date night

Jon and I went to downtown McKinney for dinner at a cute little pub and walked around the square! Super fun night with my love!

Cade's Kinder Fall Party!

I've enjoyed being the room mom for Cade's Kindergarten class!
This means I plan parties and do fun things with his class! What in the world will I do next year with a first grader and Kinder girl? Maybe I can find a mom to split this duty and be involved in both classes!:)
Cade's school did a costume parade in the gym for all the parents and then parties in the classroom. Super fun time, love watching Cade with his school friends! And, if I have not mentioned I love Cade's teacher!

fall festival

Hillcrest always has a really fun fall festival that the kids really enjoy going to every year! Maybe next year I will remember to dress the kids in their costumes!

family pics-take 2

We had a crazy time with family Christmas card pics this year. The first round Brooke took and did a great job (as always), the problem was not the pictures-just the people! My neighbor took these one day across the street from our house...they are a little crazy too with the wind and all but there was no way I was going to get my people to take round 3, so family pics take 2 to a Christmas card it was.

November Ranch Family Weekend!

We love so much heading down to the ranch. Jon loves getting away, shooting his gun and riding the 4 wheelers, the kids get so hyper when we tell them we are going to the ranch and I love everybody loving it!
Every time we leave the ranch, we always say "let's go back next weekend!"