Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Random's

Not quite sure how January went by so fast, but it sure did!
Since I take a lot of pics, i must document a few random's, ok a lot of random's (i also think i made up that word),
I randomly made the kids hot chocolate to drink during their bath one night, the loved it! I love both of their smiles!
 Gig went to have lunch with Cade, she sent me these pics, i love it!
 We got a new kitchen table and for about a week we didn't have one at all. So we ate in the dining room. The kids loved it and wanted to sit together and feed each other one night. Sometimes you just embrace the sweetness!
 looking sweet at church, most Sundays i remember to send my mom a "sunday pic" as she requests!
 I came back from running on a Sunday afternoon to a yummy Chinese dinner cooked from scratch by the hubby, yay, win! It was super delish and we all enjoyed it! We played games at the table and then watched a movie before bed, the kids are so goofy one minute and then so sweet cuddling the next! I love family time! The kids are at really great ages, let's freeze them just like this! Oh how I wish! They love to play games, and we don't even have to let them win  because they understand how to play now and can usually beat jon and i when we are actually trying to win ourselves, ha!
 Another Sunday morning! Love them so much!
 My dancing girl all ready for her Monday dance and cheer class!
 We took the kids on a rainy Saturday afternoon to see Paddington, such a cute movie and the adults enjoyed too!
 Pedicure with my girl on a Sunday afternoon! Oh how i love girl time with her! I would choose to go with her anyday over going alone, she is just SO much fun!
 Tatum saw these shoes at target one day. Both of her friends already had them. When she saw them at target the girl gasped for air and said " ohhhhh mommy, there are the shoes my friends have at dance, can i so please get some too?!" Well, what do you think i said? The girl has tennis shoes that fit, but that didn't matter. She wanted to wear what they had and you better believe we found her size and added them to the cart! I came home and told Jon that it's started. She notices now what other people have and she wants to fit in. I get it. And as long as she is wanting what "nice girls" have and nothing extreme i will probably give in. :) Oh and I should mention the target shoes were on super clearance for $9, win win!
 The usual lunch at chick after dance with the crew! Love our Mondays! And i love the girl talk going on right here!
 Wow uncle matt you are super cool! He painted this massive canvas, he will probably be famous someday!
 I came in the living room at my mom and dads to see this....cade has always been a cuddle bug!
 Impromptu lunch with Tanna and our girls! Always a great time with them! 
 Girls day!
 We love Wednesday afternoons at Nanny's house!
 speaking of Wednesdays, tatum usually gets a mid week nap in...she's "never tired".....but somehow sleeps 2-3 hours! Man, i love this girl!
 Anna Kenzie goes just about everywhere with us, and she always looks so stylish!
 pretty tay!
 tired girl, again!
 i will always love these pics! Such great memories. Nanny was reading Cade his library book about dragons.
 My mom came over to watch Tatum while Jeremy and I went on a run, and she sent me these pics of their fun times! Love it!
 Eric and Kristin took the kids to see Annie at the movie theatre, the kids loved it so so so much! Kristin sent me this pic!
 Random  Monday night family dinner at Johnny C, we love that place!
 Lunch with our favorite boy!
 Play time with Tay Tay, we love love love playing dolls and kitchen!
 Tatum and i went to target for groceries and she asked to bring her daughter and stroller....i said sure, why not!? :)
 Gigi invited us over for a tea party, she went all out, even got her china was fun and tay loved it!
 Tatum watches Cade do everything, i mean everything! She wants to do everything he does, homework and all! I love this!
 Uncle Matt went to lunch with Cade, he took him a "special drink!" Cade loved it and said he is the cool kid because he has fun lunches! I think he means fun lunch visitors! :) So thankful for family!
 Gigi asked us over to make cookies one day after school....well of course we went!
 gotta love the car line! I actually do, because I have Tatum to hangout with....for a few more months that is. And I will soak up that time with her! I am in total denial she is going to kinder next year, i mean really, i could hold her back a year?!?!?!

Lots of fun times.....
And I am SO, SO, SO close to being updated on here, wahooO!


I am training for a half marathon that's coming up in about 6 weeks! I am really excited, although the training is pretty intense!
I have been following the schedule below, for the most part anyways! It helps to have really great running buddies to enjoy the long runs with! I think we will be ready!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Cade lost his FIRST tooth!

I remember when Cade was 4 months old. I was out of town with my college roomies and Jon and Cade were having a "boy weekend." We were sitting down for dinner on a Saturday night when Jon called me to say that Cade's first tooth was coming in and it had broke the skin. Jon just loved that he was there for that and I was not, ha! Since I was getting to stay home with Cade while Jon worked this was big for him to be there to see! I remember thinking my goodness he's only 4 months old and he's getting teeth. Fast forward 6 years, which I never would have thought would go by as quickly as it has, he has now lost his first tooth. Cade's baby teeth came in so pretty, straight, white, I just loved them! And now, the time has come for those sweet baby teeth to start falling out and those big adult teeth to start coming in. The ones we will be spending lots of $ on making straight and such! Yall, my boy is really growing up.....tear tear tear!
Enough of the rambling mom....
Here is Cade with the first tooth SOOO loose! The thing was hanging on for days because Cade was a little nervous of it falling out....
 and then he came running in from the backyard on Friday January 30th with the tooth in his hand....everything happens for Cade in that backyard....(also where he asked Jesus to live in his heart)
 Thanks Gigi for the tooth pillow a few years ago, we finally needed it!
 He couldn't wait for school on Monday to show his class and his teacher! The boys is talking so different now and loves to stick his tongue in that missing tooth hole.
He may be growing up, but I couldn't love him more!
I should also mention that he got a silver dollar and a $5 bill from the tooth fairy, my how times have changed!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

after school treat!

Thursday while the kids were at school i got caught up on every single email in my inbox (which is huge!), caught up on my "to do" work folder, and had a productive day. I felt like surprising the kids after school with a treat! So i picked up Tay, then Cade and we headed to sweet frog for fro yo and the park for some fun in the sun (random warm day in February, we will take it!) and had a super fun afternoon. We were headed home and Cade said "thank you mommy for that fun time!" That boy, he gets me every time, he just knows how to make me smile. Which of course made Tatum say in her super high pitch, tilted head girly way " mommy that was the best day!" I just love my kids and love fun times with them!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015

Friends Over!

The last day of Christmas break I told the kids they could invite a friend over to play! Cade wanted Maddox from his class to come over and Tatum wanted Brenley. This was the first time they had friends over to play without the moms. They played boys only for a while, then girls only, then together, then back separately. They had the best time and they both told me thank you so much for getting to invite friends over. We had talked about before they came over letting our "guests" pick out what they wanted to play, Cade assured me after the friends left they did, just that!
A few pics of their fun times!