Friday, February 27, 2015

This week's randoms

The weather was nice enough to drive over to nanny's on Wednesday! She had been alone in her house without seeing anyone in 2 1/2 days so she was happy for us to be there, well, as always! :) Just extra happy to see people! We had a fun time laughing and eating snicker doodles! I happened to bring a baggie full of them home too, so we've had some good cookies around here this week!
 Brooke sent me this the other day, yay for Disney trip coming up!
 I felt someone crawling up my back while I was trying to get ready....ohhhh it's Tatum...I didn't recognize her with those cute little glasses! hehe! I love her!
 I looked back at her in the car, she was busy putting on lipstick! Oh she is a mess!
 Brad asked me to meet him for a run at white rock lake on Thursday! Thursday was my last day to train before the half marathon on Sunday. It was nice to change up the scenery, although it was snowing while we ran, but still a good run. I was thinking while we were running that the training didn't seem to be as hard this time as it was last time I ran my half. Maybe I am just getting used to it, finally! Good run with the bro followed up by a work meeting.
 I was supposed to be having lunch with Brad, but he cancelled on me, which was ok since I got to eat with mom and brooke at café express, yum!
 Thursday night we celebrated Cade at McDonalds and Sweet Frog. In October he was given a folder with 8 sight words on a page. The instructions were to learn the 8 sight words and recite them to Mrs Guest. After he had page 1 of 8 words down, she added page 2 with 8 words, and so on. There were 40 pages total. We told Cade that after he completed all 40 pages we would have a night where he got to pick dinner, dessert and he got a prize. Well, that dinner place happened to be McDonalds....isn't that yum! He invited Gigi and Papaw to join us and we had a grand ole time celebrating Cade! We love celebrating things as a family. I hope that the kids pick up on this and do that in their own families too! There is nothing like making people feel special and recognizing them for an accomplishment! Tatum is already planning her celebration for when she completes her 40 pages of sight words folder next year in kinder too...I sure hope that's still the plan next year in kinder-who knows that 40 could turn into 50, ha! :) Great job Cade, very proud of you!
 just some cute kids!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Day #2

We are LOVING these snow days! All I know is all this extra time I have with the kids reminds me of the good ole days with them (before school days) and excites me for summer!
I used to think being at home for an entire day was too much, but now I am appreciating it more!
We've done just about everything you can think of, twice!
Happy Snow Day!

wordless wednesday

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow Day #1

Today we had a super fun snow day! Jon and I were out of town all weekend, so it was nice to have a day at home together with the kids! Bonus day! We found out Sunday night after the kids were already in bed that school was cancelled, so Cade was so happy to find out Monday morning he could go outside and play in the ice/barely snow instead of school! The boy surprised me, he does NOT like to miss school, but he said since nobody was going to be there it was ok to miss. Sweet boy and his love to learn!
After the first outing in the freezing weather the kids asked for hot chocolate! 
 we colored!
 we ate!
 we baked!
 Jon and I cooked a yummy dinner together!
Stir fry was a huge hit! We are into all things hibachi and Chinese lately!
 We are huge fans of benni hana, I found the ginger salad dressing recipe online and with a little help of ingredients from neighbors I whipped this right up! It was delish and we enjoyed it!
 we movie watched!
 lunch for the kids!
 and we loved a lot!
 we dressed up!
 we played grocery store
 and trains
 we played ninja nurtles!
we cuddled!
and had the best day!
I could really use another one tomorrow!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

February Randoms!

Lots and lots of fun February random pics!
Cade had his 100th day of school on the 5th! He loved all 100 of those days so much! And even after dropping him off for 100 days, it doesn't get easier. Seeing his excitement for school makes me so happy for him though.
I think he turned out to be a cute little 100 year old man! :)
 I picked up the kids a little early for dentist appointments on the 100th day of school....this is how cade came down to the office! I think he had a fun day!
 Gigi and Tay trying to stay dry walking into school! I love this!
 Lunch with these lovely friends! Fun times!
 My favorite little people ever!
Cade's tongue and that missing tooth, man oh man i love them!
 dentist time, no cavities, yay!
 off to American girl with Kar for her 3rd bday gigi gift!
 this is the yummiest vday snack mix ever, like ever yall, so so so good!
 Cade knows i love notes! I woke up to this note last week one day....he is so sweet! I didn't care that i didn't know what it was on the pic, i just love that he thought of me and thought to leave me a note made by him where i would see it first thing in the morning. he's working on being a sweet man!
 American girl with the bday girl!
 tub time at gigi and papaw's!
 "it's so hard to be 4"
That's what tatum said when she woke up from this snooze! I love her!
 Papa's birthday would have been the 8th. i miss him. i miss him with my kids. I wonder what his heavenly birthday was like! :)
 Kar Kar's bday party at Sweet and Sassy was lots of sweet fun!
 Lunch with some of my fave's!
 car line with my favorite girl! Soaking up these moments!
 Family dinner, kar real bday, gigi and papaw gave vday gifts, fun fun night at Café Brazil!
 Impromptu lunch with these fun family girls! We loved getting to see the Adler clan several times while they were in town! 
 Ninja turtle fun with my boy child!
 Rice Crispy making with the kids, they love to cook!
 they love each other well! Most of the time!
 Tatum and Hailey shopping! Sweet sweet cousins!
 kinder homework!
 checkers, checkers, and more checkers around here! we are loving it, but cade is loving it the most because he wins, EVERY TIME!
 It was so much fun helping the Hortons with their gender reveal last week! Talk about a super fun surprise, we are so excited for the Horton's to be having a boy this August! Oh, this was so fun!
 Thanks Tanna for letting us be in on the big reveal!!!
 I was called in from cooking dinner to see them holding hands, they know how to make a mommy happy!
 nails with gigi! Always a fun time!
 cookie treat with my little lovey!
 great getaway weekend to gruene with great friends!
Well,  it's a snow/ice day today.....i am off to enjoy a little girl and boy at home for the day! We will be playing lots of ninja turtles and dolls, and cuddling for movies and baking cookies....i can't wait!