Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Prince and Princess Night

The Waxahachie Chickfila hosted a prince and princess night at the civic center and it was a lot of fun! Horse carriage rides, lots of appearances from Disney characters, yummy chickfila was served and lots of fun was had!

Saturday, March 28, 2015


We are excited for another season of baseball! This year Cade is playing coach pitch! He had so much fun at his first game! Yay, let's go Midlothian Steel!
#2 , that's my boy!

Friday, March 27, 2015

american doll day

We had a fun day at American doll with friends and lunch over at the mall!
All these little girls having too much fun with "their girls!"

Thursday, March 5, 2015

This week

Monday Nanny met us with the Monday dancing crew for lunch!
 I thought this pic was so super cute!
 Nanny went to visit the Adlers in PA, so we made our usual Wednesday visit on Monday instead. :) 
 Super cool to see your lil bro featured in a cool magazine! He's so cool! The kids loved this so much!
 Monday at nanny's we whipped up some mini chicken pot pies for dinner. I put a little fruit and veggies with it and called it dinner! Cade loved them so much he asked if he could bring them in his lunch the next day. Not the healthiest....which means I prob won't make them again, but we enjoyed them for this time!
 My mother and sister in law sent me these yummy cookies for my race Sunday. It was super thoughtful and sweet of them. And not to mentione these are like the best cookies, EVER!!!
 we are always playing checkers around here!
 mrs guest sent me some homework to do Monday night. I love doing kinder mommy homework!
 Love my girl!
 Tuesday night I had a college roomies night dinner and hangout at Kims apt, so much fun! While I was gone with kids and Jon had dinner at my parents and I got this video...looks like Tatum is playing elephant ear dress up, cade is telling jon something and jon is trying to soak it all in, ha! Love it!
 Jon sent me this as they were headed home....sneaking and sleeping!
 I love love love these friends! Just missing 2!
 Wednesday with my girl...
 "cooking lunch"
 "tea partying"
 Time to pick up our ninja, oh how I had to snap this pic!
 last night jon holding cade's hand until he fell asleep..so sweet!
 Cade helping tatum spell things on the fridge!
We are enjoying another snow day today, snow pics to come!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

friends over

The kids asked to have friends over after school, I said "sure!"
Cade wanted Maddox to come over again, he just loves him so much! Tatum wanted Brenley and Reese, but only Brenley could make it that day.
They had the best time. They played and played together so happily! I remember getting invited to friends houses being so much fun! I am hoping the kids want to invite friends over to our house until them move out, and then they still can after they move out too! Jon and I say a lot we hope to be the "cool house" and I am pretty sure i'll do just about anything to make that happen!