Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kinder Lunches

I love going to eat lunch with Cade. I try to go every other week so that I am not there too much, but I am still coming often enough for Cade to like for me to. It's worked out that my mom goes just about that often too, so he gets a lunch visitor about once a week! I am looking forward to going 2 more times before school is out! That look he gives you when he turns the corner and sees you waiting on him is enough to make your day so happy! I think everybody loves to be loved and served, and Cade shows that very much! I love this sweet kinder face so much! I am thankful that my mom makes this a priority too because it sure makes this little boy so happy!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy Birthday Nanny!

We celebrated Nanny's birthday at Don Pablos for lunch. We had planned to dine at Cheddar's and the power was out, so we headed over to Chili's and the power was out there too. We thought surely the 3rd place would have power, and thankfully it did! We had such a delicious Mexican lunch and yummy strawberry/angel food cake dessert! We did gifts at lunch and had a grand ol time celebrating our sweet nanny! Happy Birthday Nanny, you are so loved!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tay's graduation pics

How in the world did this.....
grow into this...
 in 4  1/2 sweet years?!
 It's happening, Tatum Lauren is going to graduate from Pre-K in just a few short weeks. Oh my darling Tatum! She was super sweet as a baby and toddler, and all of those years were so great! But, this personality she has, it's something else! I cannot imagine life without my baby girl! She has turned into such a sweet little lady that loves Jesus so much! Just today it was raining, and in the car she asked if we could pray to Jesus that we would stay safe in the storm. I love her heart so much! She loves to serve others, play dolls, cook with me, watch my every move whether that's me putting on make up, working, sweeping, or doing laundry, she loves to play with her friends, brother and cousins. Just this morning she woke me up with a kiss on my forehead. I could go on and on forever about Tatum, she definitely has my heart! Pre-K graduation I can handle, now senior graduation needs to be a long long ways away!
Love you little graduate!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Bowl and Barrel

We had a SUPER fun night at Bowl and Barrel and Pf Changs with this crew!
The weather was out of control. We had Shelby at the house babysitting the kids. The weather was supposed to be bad all week, but it never happened. There was talk about thunderstorms tonight too, but since nothing happened all week we figured, "ya right!" Well, just about as soon as we got there all of our phones were blowing up with tornado alerts. Thankfully Shelby took great care of our kids and took shelter and kept them calm all at the same time. She's a great sitter. The weather calmed down a bit later and we were back to enjoying our fun night out together!
The pretzel was all it was made out to be...needless to say I will go back. Just to eat this! Just kidding, I'll go back to bowl too, but this was amazing!
 Fun friends!
 Jon and I are so thankful for great friends, we seriously talk about it all the time!
Can't wait to go again!

Cade Kinder Field Trip

We were not exactly sure we were going to have a field trip this Friday morning, but the rain seemed to taper off by the time we arrive in Glenrose at the dinosaur park! I had SO much fun with Cade! It always fun to watch Cade interact with his friends in his class. They had been learning so much about dinosaur's so Cade was telling me "all about it" at each dinosaur station we went to. Good think he learned so much about dinosaur's so he could teach his mommy!
Cade loves Maddox so, SO much! I love that he has a friend in his class that I know the parents and they are able to go to each others houses and play! The dads even took the boys on a "guys night" a few weeks ago! So much fun!
 I am so thankful to be Cade's mommy! It's truly a gift to be able to join him on all these fun times!
 No siblings were allowed to go on the field trip, so my mom played with Tatum. They went to hae lunch with Kristin and sent me this pic, so cute! Tatum loved so much having that time with mom, "all by herself!" That's what she kept telling me. I think she loves her Gigi, a lot!
 I rode with Melissa and the kids got to ride back with us! Cade was THRILLED to ride the school bus for the first time out to the field trip. I got to hear all about it..."it was so cool, so hot, and so stuffy....we sang the wheels on the bus and sang lots of songs so loud"....I can only imagine how exhausted the kinder teachers were at the end of this day because I was SO. WORN. OUT! I mean killer headache and all. I tell you what, those kinder teachers are gifted with lots of patience and energy! It was a fun day with Cade that I would never miss!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kindergarten Camp

 I picked up Tatum and 3 friends, Reese, Ava and Brenley from school for a fun afternoon of play time! The mommy's joined us around 5ish for dinner and then we all headed to kinder camp.
 The girls had the best time playing together!
 What do you think?!
 We snacked!
 And dressed up!
 And read books!
 And ate dinner!
 And then it was time to head to kinder camp. This girl is beyond ready, me, not so much!
 But I am happy Tatum feels very comfortable with the school and has friends and familiar faces to see throughout the day!

But before kinder (again), we WILL have a FABULOUS summer! :)

bday fun!

Lots of sweet friends got together to celebrate my old lady birthday! It was so much fun eating at Tuscan slice (the pizza and SMORES pizza are both sooo yum!) and going to see The Longest Ride! I am so thankful for this group of girls and what they mean to me!
 Jon was out of town so Kristin watched the kids for me. Kristin and Tatum had a dinner and shopping date while Cade was at baseball practice. They all had fun and Kristin even sent me pics along the night, which I love! Thanks seastar, I promise I can't wait to return the favor! :)
Thankful for friends, a fun night out and a great sister and aunt!

Monday, April 20, 2015

weekend wrap

Well I called this "weekend wrap" but it's really Wednesday-Sunday of last week.
I told the kids we were going to take bluebonnet pics after we picked up Cade from school, since we didn't have our usual Wednesday afternoon at nanny's since she was on vacation.  I bribed and they obliged! They definitely are not "brooke quality" but I will take what I can get! The flowers  were so pretty, the day was so pretty, and my little loves looked so pretty too! ahhh love them!
We took a few more for mothers day pics that I will wait to post! :)
 Thursday morning breakfast before school with gigi and papaw! Tatum loves her papaw so much, actually I don't know who loves who the most! They are attached!
 Thursday afternoon homework outside, too pretty of a day to be indoors!
 Tay on her bike, you know we are bike riding fools!
 Tatum is WAY into taking pics these days! She snapped this on of Cade and I doing homework together, I love my kinder boy-even if he didn't want to take this pic, like at all!
 Friday afternoon we headed to the park after school with Lindsey, Avery and Asher! So much fun!
 Friday night dinner on the porch! Mexican dinner, my family, and a pretty evening, that is all I needed!
 Slumber party movie night!
 Saturday the baseball game was cancelled, due to the monsoon of rain Friday night. So our Saturday plans changed completely. I had told Jon I would really like to go to my Lancaster girls reunion, and the kids wanted to go to the birthday parties they were invited to, so that's what we did. Tatum and Jon went to get breakfast, we ate together at home. Tatum and I played dolls and grocery store together while the boys played video games, love playing with them! And then I got ready and headed to Dallas to meet the girls! It was super fun to see them and catch up, we were missing so many, can't wait for another! I came home around 3 and we went to Kristin's to help move them in and get the house settled. Not sure if we were much help, but it was fun! We ended up going to dinner at Babes with my parents and had a fun time with them!
My long time First Baptist Lancaster friends!
 Tatum and I before church yesterday, you know the kids love their Sunday donuts!
We went home for lunch, 7 loads of laundry, 5 mile run and then to dinner and fro yo with the Lindsey's, so fun!
Jon left town in the middle of the night for a quick work trip, so I got him and the kids to bed by 7:30. I was able to get 4 hours of work done before the week really started, which was really nice! There is something so great about starting the week with no emails in the inbox, the "to do" folder empty and only a handful of things on the to do list!
We have busy evening for the next 8 days, but our days aren't, which is super nice!
Happy Monday!