Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend!

What a fun LONG weekend!
Friday night was the wedding, such fun!
 Saturday morning Jon and the kids went to get breakfast and I started 13 load of laundry, went for a run, and then we relaxed the rest of the morning! I headed out after lunch to meet Rachel and Bethany to go go Castle Spa to use our mothers day gifts, a massage and lots of relaxing in the hot tubs/pools there...that place=amazing! It was funny we ran into the Clark clan there, of all places!
 We were gone for 10 hours! ha! I didn't even realize it until Jon told me when I got home. He said I think you had fun, I sure did! Jon and the kids wen to eat hibachi and play games at Peter Piper, they had a great night too! After our massages and relaxation we dined at Chuy's for dinner-we were all starved and it hit the spot! We drove though the most torrential down pour of rain on the way home, so we thought we needed DQ icecream, of course! Such a fun day with these girls!
 Pics before church on Sunday, Happy Memorial Day!
 Sunday the Lynn's had us over for was so much fun loving on these babies! I mean, look how adorable they are! I couldn't get enough! Fun night with friends!
 Happy Memorial Day!
 Jon and I decided since it was going to be a yucky weather day (I mean, don't you think we've had enough rain?!) we would take the kids to eat pizza and go bowling! It was SO much fun!
 We had an hour ish to kill before our bowling times, so we went and walked around the mall and got a few gifts and such off my list!
 And colored at the Disney store!
 and rode on daddy!
 and threw pennies in the fountain!
 and then off to bowl! We love to bowl!
 "It was the best family day", Jon and I said that last night just about at the same time!
We definitely enjoyed a day off together!!
 We are so thankful for our home of the free because of the brave! We told the kids all about memorial day yesterday and what it means!

Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Kristin's Wedding

Let the wedding bells ring!
It's wedding time!
Thursday night we met at the church for the wedding rehearsal. You would think with a wedding party of just a handful, plus lots of kids, it would be super fast. Well, it wasn't too fast, we kept forgetting things and ran through start to finish many times, ha! It was fun! The rehearsal dinner was at Campuzano's and it was super delish! Kristin and I went looking for bracelets afterwards and then went to spray tan. It was a fun night and we were ready for the fun Friday!
Here is the happy couple at the rehearsal dinner!
 And walking out with our dad, isn't that sweet. Photo cred-ah hem, me!
 I had quite the crazy work week. And it was not over just because we were having a wedding. After I got home from wedding such Thursday night I made myself a bowl of ice-cream and toppings and got to work for several hours. WHAT A WEEK!
 Friday morning I was taking a shower and Tatum came down stairs in this....
Sweet girl said "good morning mommy, I am ready to be a flower girl"
Oh sweet tatum, I didn't have it in my heart to tell her it wasn't time to wear the dress, so I didn't. I let her wear it to take Cade to school and then over to my parents house as we prepared fruit and things for the reception. Thankfully my mom had her a flower girl tank to wear and the dress was put up until the wedding that night. Tatum was just so excited and she said she worked so hard to put that on all by herself, which I am sure she did! :) Oh how I love her!!
 Nanny treated us all to Palio's for lunch, it was a fun time to chill on the wedding day and eat pizza with the girls!
 Thank you Nanny!
 We made a quick stop by the church to see how the decorating was coming and I saw the flowers, they looked so pretty!
 The bride and I before our make up, we forgot to take an after pic, but it was much better than this!
 Time for hair!
 Brad picked up Cade from school for me, and Cade was so excited for this all week long! Brad sent me this pic, looks like icecream after school! What a cool uncle! Also, I spy Papaw in there too, I think they all had fun!
 back to the hair, the girls loved sitting there getting their hair done!
 Shannon did a great job!
 Oh the priss!
 Pretty bride!
 Time to get dressed and eat a little dinner!
 Thanks Aunt Krissy for the fun gifts!
 My handsome stud boy!
 Kristin and the parents!
 They all loved their gifts
 Jon and Jon Jr. for real!
 the girls sandals were SOOOO cute! Had to capture!
 Dessert reception, YUM! And look how pretty the table looked!
 Thanks Sarah for helping all of us in the bridal room! You are the best!
 We almost forgot to capture this moment, thankfully we remembered just seconds before it was time to walk sweet! They didn't see each other, I promise!
 The best parents!
It was a really pretty wedding!
I am so happy that my sister is so happy!
We love Eric and how he loves Kristin!
Happy Wedding Day Jordan's!