Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Water Park Days!

As long as the kids want to water park every week of the summer I am SO there with them! We have been having so much fun visiting our water park weekly with friends! We hope to go many more times this summer! Can't get enough fun in the sun!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Movie Monday

We decided to go see Inside Out today instead of our usual water park day. The kids had been wanting to see it and Gigi was free, o we all went! Rachel and Riley met us there too and who would've known...we had our very own Riley Andersen with us. I guess I should mention that the main characters name was Riley Andersen too! :) Ha! Fun times at the movies on this Monday!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekend Wrap

Cade and Tatum had a fun weekend with Mimi and Pops! They had been looking forward to spending TWO nights there for a while!
I got this pic Saturday morning, breakfast in bed and tv shows, they were set!
Friday night Jon and I thought we would go out to dinner together, but he didn't make it home from a work trip until 9:30, so I had the evening alone. I had no idea what to do with myself on a Friday night with no kids or husband. So what did I do?! We needed groceries, terribly! So I went on a major Costco run and picked up take out for Jon and I to eat when he got home, so dreamy!
Life happens right!? :)
Saturday morning I got up and went for a 5 miler and it was a hot one! I was dripping in sweat from the humidity but it felt good to start the day with a run!
We had no plans, like nothing at all! Jon said we should pack an overnight bag in case we decided to be crazy and stay the night somewhere, so we did. I really didn't think we would, but just call us 2 crazies, because we sure did and loved every minute of it! I had been wanting to check out Nebraska Furniture Mart, so we headed up that way. We stopped at Whisky Cake first for lunch, and it was SO good! Fun environment and great food.
Jon thought this freezer at Nebraska Furniture Mart was so cool! Only a man would think so....
I thought this was super cool, so many fun colors!
We ran over to Stonebriar for a bit and then headed to Grapevine for an afternoon at the pool!

We called this our "marriage retreat" for the summer! :)

We TOTALLY enjoyed every minute of the relaxation! We ate dinner at the hotel and then decided to be lazy and go watch a movie in the room. It's 8:35 pm in this picture and Jon is OUT for the night! The boy had worked way too many hours to count this week including driving in the night when every other person I know is sleeping. I was so glad we decided to get away from home because he never would've got this much rest at home. He slept for 14 hours and he needed it so bad!
I on the other hand was not tired at 8:35 so I watched a movie and did a 50 page work report. Lovely right!? It helped me get ahead for the week all while lounging in a cozy bed....it was a great day!
Sunday morning we got this pic of the kids headed to church with Mimi and Pops!
Jon and I always talk about going to visit Gateway church, but we never have, so we went this morning since we were about 10 minutes away. We decided to go to the later service so we could sleep as late as possible and still have time for a brunch! We decided on Torchy's Tacos for brunch and we both LOVED it! I have these cousins that say it is the best, and I do have to say it was pretty great! The church service was SO wonderful, we enjoyed worshipping somewhere different and new to us!
After church we headed to pick up the kids at Jon's parents house. We came home for a sec and then went to pick up my mom for Coutney's baby shower! I caught this pic of Tatum in the back seat "getting ready!" Such a girly girl who I love so so so much!
Courtney is having a BOY in just a few weeks, oh how excited I am for her!!
These girls, will always be "my girls!" Love them dearly!
Sweet gigi and tay tay!
Happy Shower Day Court, we can't wait to meet baby Pierce!
After the shower Tatum and I came home to a fabulous home cooked meal made by our boys! We are 2 lucky ladies!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Great Wolf with GREAT friends!

Headed to the lodge.....
We met Tanna and the girls (I won't be saying that much longer, so excited for heath to be here soon!) for lunch at Grimaldi's and then headed over to Great Wolf Lodge for our annual summer fun! Let's just say that going on a Tuesday was a great day to go, the weekend crowd has gone home and it was not crowded at all, score! We got checked in and headed straight for the water park! We played and played for several hours and then headed to get showered and cleaned up for dinner. The husbands met us at Uncle Julios for dinner (it's a requirement when we are at GWL to eat there) and it was a fun time with both families there together! The moms and girls headed back to the hotel for some treasure and ice cream fun! The kids finally crashed at about 11:30, oh my, that night! Jon was working a job near us and dropped off breakfast, he's the best, and soon after we ate we were back at the water park! We go in and out a bunch and do it all! We have a good system with the kids and some play in pools and some ride big kid slides, it works great! We all look so forward to this time together each summer! It still amazes me how we met the Hortons and oh what a blessing God arranged for us to be friends!
A few ( ha ha)  pics from the trip!

Until Next Year....