Friday, July 24, 2015

Camp Gigi and Papaw

We were sitting by the pool a few weeks ago and started talking about when Camp Gigi and Papaw was going to be....
So, we got our the calendars and quickly realized that the summer was getting pretty full and that the camp needed to be the next week. I am not even sure if we had a weeks notice. Or, I should say I don't even think Gigi had a full weeks notice. You see, Gigi plans out the food and activities like you wouldn't believe. She has a schedule of events for each day! 6 kids 8 and under is a lot ya know! :)
The kids LOVED SO SO SO much camp gigi and papaw! Here are pics from the 2.5 days of family fun!
Thank you mom and dad, and krsitin for helping!

Until next year.....


The kids had VBS last week and OH how they loved it! :)
Cade invited Maddox to join him for VBS. Cade loved him getting to ride there with us and taking him home! I love their friendship so much!
It was so great to pick them up and hear all about everything they did. They couldn't wait to tell me the verses they learned and the snack they had...those kids! :)
We celebrated VBS week with friends on the last night at Sweet Frog, so much fun and learning about Jesus was had! :)

Fun in the sun!

We CANNOT get enough swimming in on these hot summer days! :)
Pool days=fun days!

cousin lovin

We've had lots of fun with our cousins this summer!
We had a swim day over at Mimi and Pops a few weeks ago!

Our Adler cousins came in from Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago and we had a family dinner, so much fun and food was had! :)

breakfast on a Friday morning at nanny's house! :)

cousins out and about!

girl cousins getting nails done!

on the Adlers last night here we met up for sno cones and said our "see ya laters!" We had so much fun with them!