Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Life as we know it!

Well another week has seemed to fly by! 
Jon has been playing softball on Monday nights with the guys at church. Tatum came down last Monday night and wanted her daddy, he wasn't here and that broke her heart. She went to wait for him and konked out about 1 min later. Sweet sponge roller girl!
 Picture Day at school! 
I am so proud of these 2!
 Jon's birthday was on Wednesday and since we have church that night we went out to dinner the night before to celebrate him! We were on our way to hibachi and as we passed Rosa's he said "hey that sounds good".....i was pretty excited about that sudden change of plans! We had blizzards for dessert and called it a fun family birthday outing! :) I love this crew so much!
 It's looking like fall around my house!
 The sweet kinder girl!
 Cade has already asked me for a Ninjago birthday party, so why not go ahead and get it planned! He is ALL about Ninjago everything!
 We were at Nanny's on Wednesday and she was showing Tatum all of her trinkets that have such meaning. She loved hearing about this jewel!
 Nanny let Cade play baseball with papa's old glove, the kids thought that was SO neat!
 Happy Thursday and ready for school! That face on Cade....
 After school down time! By the end of the week the kids are exhausted and just want to lay and watch a show when they get home. I don't blame them, i kinda want to do that alot too. Want is the key...ha! :)
 play doh on the porch!
 I went to volunteer in Tatum's Apple Day on Friday and i saw our sweet Cade's pic on the wall for Longbranch Leader! This was also dress like a pirate the day they took the pic! I loved seeing Cade recognized for his good behavior and leadership!
 Cade decided to be Batman for Halloween, he's been all about wearing that costume as much as possible! He asked me to play Batman with him, i love it when he asks me to play anything at all! :) 
 My mom gave me a few photo albums from when I was little and Tatum LOVES to look at them! She has been looking at them everyday for a week that girl!
 Jon worked all during the night Thursday, so he was exhausted going into the weekend. Saturday morning I woke up before the kids, shut our bedroom door and went upstairs and waited for the kids to wake up...they had breakfast in their room which they thought was so cool and we waited for Jon to wake up playing very quietly! After all that work of being quiet he only slept until 8:15. Sheesh!
 I needed to run 6 miles this weekend for the race training and since Jon woke up i decided to squeeze it in before the 3 events that day!
To say it's still hard to run 6 miles would be SO TRUE! I wonder when it will get easier?! I still find myself breathing so hard and thinking it should be over soon....maybe one day....
 We went to Heston's birthday party at Pump it up, and then to Beckham's baseball game, and then to Jon's parents for Mimi and Jon's birthday celebration! We took pics of the kids for Mimi!

 Needless to say everyone was exhausted Sunday morning! Good thing i got that run in Saturday! This was at 8:15 and we had to be at church at 9....we got ready fast! 
 Sunday pic!
 Sunday night was small group....notice Tatum waiting by the dooe 3 hours before everyone was coming over. The kids love small group so much! :) We do too!
 Jon wrote this verse for the fam this week!
 And just like that the weekend is over and it's Monday again! 
How in the world does that happen?

 Lil sis working on her homework!
 Off to school, it's still so weird to drop them BOTH off everyday.  
 Last night Tatum had her practice with the pantherettes to get ready for the performance Friday night at the football game! She had so much fun and was completely exhausted! I can't wait to watch her on Friday night! This was walking in, i just love her so much!

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Jon!

Happy 35th Birthday to the daddy of our house!
We celebrated with my family a few weeks ago over a Sunday lunch!

 Jon and I have found such beauty in lunch dates on school days! We were able to meet up for some of our favorite pizza on his actual bday! We love lunching together!
 We made birthday cupcakes at nanny's to take to church with us the night of Jon's bday! Tatum used the entire jar of sprinkles! :)
 We came home from church and opened gifts!
 Speaking of gift giving, he is the HARDEST person to shop for! The end!
 sweet birthday kisses!
 I planned a little surprise bday dinner with the guys from church at Buffalo the day after his bday...he loved it! :)
 We celebrated with Jon's fam on Saturday
We had such fun time celebrating our favorite guy, we love him so much!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Talk about Tuesday!

Hello Tuesday!
This post right here catches me up to real life! YAY!
The kids (usually Cade) always tell me what they want for breakfast either the night before, or all on Sunday. Either way it works great because they get what they want for breakfast and it takes the wonder from me each day. Cade asked for eggs, cereal and bacon this day. He ate it all. Oh this boy!
 The faces of the children in the morning!
 Tuesday a few bootcamp girls met for a run, it's always a fun time with these girls. Clearly i have never done a selfie stick until this day....i should practice.
 getting my baby fix at lunch!

 the kids worn out tired after school. Cade said on the way home, "hey tatum let's get a blanket and on our own couch for a show when we get home" she she does most of the time. :)
 And then he read to her....i love them so much!
 We met some friends for War Room movie on Tuesday night, it was SO good and the girls wore sweats! Dont' worry I took off the house shoes, but we sure were comfy! Go see the movie!
 My darling daughter just a relaxing....i wonder who she gets this from?!
 Aunt Krissy came by for kisses good night! :)
 Happy Wednesday!

 Tatum (finally) had her 5 year well check...we are so thankful for such a healthy girl!
 And since she was already out of school, this was the right thing to do....
 Our FAVE grimaldi's on the patio with Gigi and Matt!
 Good morning Thursday! Tatum was especially happy to go to school this day because she knew I was coming to be her teacher after lunch!
 Recess! :)
 It wore me out...yall kinder teacher do not get paid enough. But it was so much fun too! I loved being in the classroom with Tatum! I get to go back this Friday too for Apple day! :)
 Cade came home with this special note....he's so good!
 And he was awarded with the Longbranch Leader award on Monday! I was running and the principal called me and told me the good news! We are so proud of Cade and his giant heart to serve others and for just being a good kid! He's the sweetest!
 We couldn't figure out why Tatum's ipod was ringing and we couldn't find it anywhere....finally one day Jon said he wasn't going to bed until he found it. Yall, he looked for hours! I gave up and went to bed and he did too. The next day he sent me this pic, he found the dang ipod in the backpack in the hideaway closet inside our closet. Oh my! I am glad he found it bc I was searching all over for Tatums headphones for school. 
 I got to meet Pierce on Friday! So happy for the Holder fam!
 Friday night the kids spent the night at my parents while we went to the Garth Brooks concert.....Gi sent me these pics! She made their favorite sweet and sour chicken for dinner!


 Saturday morning I went to get Tatum early and we headed to the church to meet up with a few of the girls for a day trip to Waco! We had so much fun down there searching for all things Fixer Upper! We were even filmed to be on a show! It was so exciting and we left on a fixer upper high! :) I was so happy for Tatum to come too bc she loves watching the show with me! :) Fun Day!


 We came home after church Sunday for a quick lunch and outfit change and then back out to a birthday party for Drake at Sandy Lake. This was the girl child on the way out there....EXHAUSTED!
 Such a fun party!
 And then somehow it was Monday morning before we knew it...
 The frames came in that I ordered for our pics (which i do love)....I am not sure I love them. Maybe they will grow on me or maybe I will exchange.....hmmmm
 Dog pile on Daddy!
 Do you think Tatum is excited to pick out her book!?
Happy Tuesday! 
It's a big week around here bc Jon turns the big 35 tomorrow and my audit is due! YAY and ACK!!