Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Elsa and our very own Dallas Cowboy! :)

Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall Party Day!

Kinder and 1st grade fall parties were at the same time, with the same room mom (that was interesting) Friday morning at 9:00! They let us come in to set up at 8:30, thank goodness my mom was able to come be me in the class that i couldn't be in. We swapped half way and it worked great, thanks mom! :) It's so much fun to be involved in the kids school! This was Tatum's first school party and she loved it so much! She wasn't really into all the random food at 9am, but the candy, oh ya the girl put away some candy! Tatum's class played games and did crafts and Cade's class made monster cookies and played games! I think they all had a great time! :)

 The best part about fall party day was getting them out of school at 10am! :) Yay for a fun Friday with my faves! 

What a week!

Monday, oh Monday!
We met Kristin at her school for a yummy lunch in the car, great company and great food! :)
 Tay's dance class had a little Halloween party Monday afternoon at dance...she was so excited to wear her "hey girl" costume! :)

 Here are those "hey girl" dancers!
 We had " Monday night dinner" at my parents after dance! YUM! Kristin taught Tatum her sight words for the night on the drive way with side walk chalk-such a teacher. After the words everybody got traced!
 And then inside too! :) Never ending fun!

 Tuesday was hat day at school for Red Ribbon week...Jon left the kids notes and they were so happy !:)

 Facebook seems to love to remind me how long ago things this pic of a fabulous girls weekend. I don't see these friends enough, but i sure love them!
 Cade wrote a LONG story at school and read it to me over and over, love that boy and his desire to learn more and more!
 Tuesday Nanny asked us over for dinner and Jon and my dad hung all of her curtains! Nanny's cottage is really homey and I am getting used to her living there-as in I don't drive to her old house by accident anymore. Fun times at Nanny's!
 This what Tatum looks like when she WINS skipbo at Nanny's!
 Mix match day!
 Rock star day!
 Got this from a running buddy last week, so SO true! :)
 Before the rain hit on Friday we played lots outside on Thursday! LOVE these kids so much!
 Tatum took this of us playing football, Cade is SO into all things football lately!
 Thursday night DQ with the SS girls, hugging Emily as they moved away. 
 Friday morning I went upstairs to wake the sleeping children. I went in to see this....
I asked Cade how they ended up in the same bed, he said "well, mom it stormed last night and it was easier for me to lay with Tay instead of bring her down" oh bless his sweet heart! He hates for her to be scared, he loves her so so much! :)
 Cade changed costumes last minute for the fall party at school Friday, Dallas Cowboy football player instead of Batman it was! :) And he is a lucky football player to be hanging out with Elsa!
Off to Fall parties! 
We are loving fall and in the swing of school and homework. Only 3 more weeks until a much needed break! WAHOO! :)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up!

It was just a good weekend!
Friday I picked up the kids from school and we came home and played games! It was a rainy day and the kids had the idea to make it a game kind of afternoon! Chuttes and ladders marathon it was!
 While I was cooking dinner the kids waited for Jon to come home...this picture right here takes me back to the days of the kids being at home and little. We would wait for Jon to come home everyday. 
 After dinner Jon and I took the kids to see Hotel Transylvania 2! Cade and I loved it, Tatum and Jon fell asleep. Fun family night!
 Saturday morning we all slept until 8:30, it was so so nice! When the kids woke up they brought Chuttes and Ladders to our room to play in bed...why not?! On a side note- someone asked me recently when I posted a picture on instagram with this quilt in the background if I had pink bedding, ha! No, actually that plaid quilt was my bedding in 6th grade, ha! It's just so soft and Jon cannot stand to cover up with our actually bedding....So camo quilt for him and 6th grade bedding for me it is! :) We are so not fancy!
 More games on another rainy day!

 We finally got dressed and ready and headed out for a little shopping in the afternoon....the kids were waiting so patiently on Jon at the Under Armor store. :)
 Then we were off to celebrate Brock and Bryant's 1st birthday! The kids loved painting and carving pumpkins!

 Sunday morning was church, lunch and a run! 11 miles was on the schedule and 11 miles was completed! Wahoo!!
 4 cheers to Gatorade! :) Never been so happy to have this drink at mile 5.5!
 After the run I rushed home and had 10 minutes until small group, good timing! :) Jon had everything ready to go! We love our small group so much!

And now it's Monday!
Happy Monday!

It's jammie day at school, the kids thought it would be fun to wear their Halloween bones jams....i already miss them today! :)
It was a good family spent weekend! :) 

Friday, October 23, 2015


It's Monday again!
Tatum drew a coupon out of the treasure box on Friday for "wear a hat to school day" so she chose to do that Monday! She thought she was pretty cute, i kind of think so too! :)
 Kim sent Kristy and I this the other day...where oh where has the time gone?! Looking at this pic brought back so many fun memories!
 Monday I went to the kids school for lunch and book fair! Kim and I ate with the girls and it was super fun! :)
 And then we shopped at the book fair! Love my girl!
 And then it was the boy child turn!
 This boy can put away a sandwich!
 Monday Gigi invited us and the Jordans over for dinner, chicken spaghetti was on the menu, yum! And she saved me another day from having to make the grocery run! We ate dinner, desserted, the kids took baths and played Jenga and hide and seek! :) so fun!
 Monday the sight word folder came home with Tatum. Sigh. Oh the sight word folder. It's so needed to learn how to read, but let me tell you I am already so anxious to get to page 40! You see each page has 8 words....once you can recite each word correctly you get the next page of 8 words. This is repeated until page 40 is completed. We have a big reward for completing page 40, we just have to master one page at a time! It's neat to see how Tatum learns differently than Cade. Tatum really does prefer flash cards over just sitting there looking at the folder. She is doing so good and fingers crossed that she comes home with page 4 today! :)
 We are loving the fall! Cade says his favorite think to wear is shorts and a hoodie! :) I love this hoodie face so much!
 Tuesday lunch crew!
 After school fro yo and that much needed grocery run, i tell you what I am queen of delaying a big grocery run....but it was time. The kids helped me and we got everything and more than we needed! :)
 water sprinkler entertainment!
 Jon left the kids markers, it's the little things in life and they wanted to leave him a thank you note, so so sweet!
 Happy Wednesday!
These faces right here are my pride and joy!
 Gigi went and had lunch with the kids on Wednesday and she sent me these pics, love them! :)

 The kids had early release on Wednesday for the homecoming parade! Gigi, Nanny and Amanda came with us and we had so much fun!

 Cade requested bacon and eggs for breakfast Thursday.
 It was a morning....
 I had 10 minutes before I was meeting Jen for lunch on Thursday so I ran into Pottery Barn for a quick browse and saw all the fabulous Christmas decor out...oh i cannot wait for the holidays, it's just the happiest time of the year!
 After school checkers!
 and suckers too!
 Tatums class made chocolate chip pumpkin bread last week at school and Mrs. Guest sent home the recipe....Tatum said it tasted a little better at school. Not sure why!?! We had fun baking together last night! We didn't have any pumpkin pie spice, but asking 4 neighbors later we sure found some! :)
 and lastly, TGIF! Need I say more?! :)