Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekend Wrap/Surprise Family Getaway!

Several weeks ago Jon and I planned to get away this weekend for our anniversary. We had a plan for the kids to spend the weekend with my parents, and that was it! Well, the week before we decided that there was nowhere we were both really wanting to go, so we had the idea to take the kids on a surprise getaway! It was the perfect weekend and we are so glad we changed our mind! Yes, time to us IS important, but we get alot of that since the kids go to bed so early on school nights. Life is just different with them in school, so it was the perfect way to spend the long weekend!
After the elf breakfast we decorated the house for Christmas and we were off!
But...where were we going?!
The kids thought the blindfolding was SO fun! Oh the excitement of a surprise!!
We stopped on the way at one of our family faves, Grimaldi's! YUM!
Sometimes I just look at this girl and get so happy, she makes me SO happy!
Back on the way to the SURPRISE!
And we arrived at GREAT WOLF LODGE!! YAY! We videoed the kids and it was so funny because they were like what are we doing here? And once we told them we get to stay the night and go to the water park and that we packed their bag, the excitement, oh the excitement exploded!
We checked in and went straight to the water park for several hours of FUN!

After we water parked, we went to dinner at Uncle Julio's, YUM! We have a few favorite places to eat in Grapevine and that is one of them, so any chance we get to eat there, you better believe we go! We came back to the hotel after dinner and changed into pj's for the storybook time. The kids always love this gathering in the lobby in pj's! Such a fun place for the family!

And then there is the quest...kinda like a scavenger hunt to light up each item....i am talking like scavenger hunt around the entire hotel. We've been to GWL many times, but we have never done the full quest until this time. It was so much fun and the kids were WAY into it this time! Let's just add Jon to the mix of those excited kids that were WAY into it. We should have just bought him a wand too! :)

Saturday morning Jon went and got us breakfast and brought it to the room, man, that is such service! We quested around the hotel and waterparked a bit and then headed to grab some lunch and off to Gaylord Ice (which deserves an entire post, so stay with me, i promise to update up to real life tonight)!
We came home about 5 ish on Saturday and decided we were all pretty tired. But, this boy has been looking forward to start training for a race together, so you better believe we did! Rain and all, we sure did! I love that Cade wants to run a race with me, it's so sweet! And the boy is FAST! On his first day of training he ran .85mile! Go Cade!
When we got home from our run and I warmed up the kids asked me to make spaghetti for dinner....sure, why not!? :)
Then we played UNO over and over, and CRASHED!
Sunday we went to church and lunch....
and then after 10 late nights we had to get the kids to bed on time for school the next day.... :(
And just like that Thanksgiving break is over and the kids are back to school on this Monday morning. So sad, but only 3 weeks until another break, and this time it's TWO weeks! YAY!
We had THE best Thanksgiving break and family getaway weekend together....i love my fam so much!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Elf Breakfast 2015

Friday morning the kids came down stairs to see our Elf breakfast! They were so excited because we had not talked about it or anything... they said "ohhhh YAY we forgot about this"....powder donuts, new Christmas pj's, Christmas DVD, and a special note from the elf....and the fun tradition continues!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

 Happy Thanksgiving!
Cade brought home this Thanksgiving project from school last week and I just loved it so much! I love that he wrote he is thankful for his daddy because he plays with him, thankful for me because I do the laundry, Tatum because she is funny and everyone because they are nice, i love that boy! :)

 I left the house when it was still dark and my family sound asleep to meet up with these fun friends for the Mansfield Turkey Trot! We ran the 10K and it was a fun course, minus the brutal hills! I love my running buddies!
 Jon and the kids came to pick me up at Tanna's after I had time to shower after the race...while I was waiting on them to pick me up I got to hangout with this little babe! Oh sweet handsome Heath Horton, i love that lil guy!
 We went to Jon's parents house for lunch! My favorite part of the feast were the sweet potatoes, yummy! The kids played outside in between the rain showers and we all played lots of games! The kids loved decorating a gingerbread turkey! Lots of fun!

 We headed to my parents house for dinner. This is a new thing since Nanny moved to a smaller house recently. It didn't really feel like Thanksgiving, but I am sure over time it will start to feel that way. Changing tradition is different for a while, we are just thankful to have such a big and fun family! :) Lots of food and feasting going on over there! :)
 Good job mom and dad hosting your first Thanksgiving! My mom was proud of her cute veggie turkey tray! :)

 Thank you Gigi and Papaw for these fun matching outfits!
We truly have SO much to be thankful for!