Thursday, December 31, 2015

That Random Post of Christmas Break

The break has been SO much fun! We have done anything and everything the kids have wanted to do...takes me back to the good old days of having them home everyday! Man, I miss that life so much!
Tatum got a pedicure thing for Christmas, everyone has enjoyed peds!

I guess one of the kids snapped this pic of me at my desk...i look stressed or have a headache, or maybe I am in deep concentration. ha!
I challenged myself to 100 miles in December, done!
Tatum was invited over to Reese's for a tea party, so the boys and I got a special lunch together at Buffalo-hey I was a little outnumbered on the lunch request. :) Love these boys!
Tay at the tea party, she had lots of fun!
After the tea party and lunch I told the kids they had to rest a little before they went to their cousins for a sleepover, I think they were "resting" don't you, check out tatum's face! Ha ha! They were WAY too excited to go to their cousins house for a rest. 
So off we went!
The next morning I didn't know what to do with myself waking up to a house all alone. Jon left early for work, and I couldn't sleep in, so I went for a run and came home and caught up on work. I rested after my run in front of the door, my usual spot to catch my breath, and loved this view....oh Christmas time, isn't it so lovely!
this little priss!
Our neighbors, whom we just love, came over and brought the kids these shirts and hats, how sweet!
Jon and Tatum wrapped all my gifts together, he sent me this pic after Christmas. Tatum has the wrapping stuff down this year!
Tatum called me out to the back porch one night and told me to send this pic to uncle matt, that she created art that he would love...and he did love it!
Thanks nanny for these fun kitchen towels, such a fun Christmas gift!
Tatum's doll, Oh how Anna Kenzie is such a part of this family!
Chick with my crew on a Saturday!
3 cheers for icecream!
I cannot tell you how many movies we watched over the break, just like this...2 of us on one couch and 2 of us on the other, we probably rented 5-7 movies and had the best time lounging and laughing!
Or in Jon's case, falling asleep sometimes...How funny is he cuddled up with that blanket, ha! :)
Jon made us a DELISH steak dinner and we were eating in the dining room when all of a sudden we had to take cover for a tornado, YES, a tornado in the middle of Decmeber. It was really scary and very sad because so many, just a mile from us lost their homes and everything they had. After going to look the next day at the damage it looked alot like our house when i was in 3rd grade. Such a crazy thing in the middle of winter. I have really tried for the kids to not pick up on my fear of storms, but that is now a lost cause. We sang Jesus loves me on repeat for an hour or longer. Thank the Lord for protecting us!
Here is a picture of some of the damage. So sad. 
Like I said, movies for the WIN! I love that Tatum loves watching some of the same things I did when I was little. 
Movies and games....that was our break anytime we were at home and we all loved it so much!
Sister girl was WORN out!
Tatum had so much fun at Jae Beth's birthday party at Sweet and Sassy!

While we were there, the boys had a Carino date!
Fun playing at the Horton's!
Cards with Eric and Kristin!
Friends over to play!

I came in the kitchen and Cade said "what mom I am hungry and these are all good choices" ha ha! Yes, Cade, 8 oranges! Love him!
Uno in bed!

Playing at Nanny's!
Cerly's art party, so fun!

And I will leave you with a kiss! :)

Tea Party With Tay

Cade was invited over to Maddox's house today, so I asked Tatum what she wanted to do while it was just the 2 of us. She said she wanted to have a tea party at a tea party place with her tea set! I told her "you got it girl!"
I knew of a tea room in Waxhachie, so we went there...Tatum ordered a sprite for her tea cup and she was all set!
I remember when I took this picture of her, I thought I can't believe that this is real life, like I get to be her mom and it's just the best thing ever!
When the waitress came back to take our order Tatum said "I will have the mac and cheese" and the lady told her they didn't have that. Tay looked at my like, ohhhh dear this is a problem. I told the lady to come back in a sec. I asked Tatum if that is really what she wanted to eat, she said yes and a ceaser salad...oh that girl! So I told her we would have to go somewhere else if she wanted thing you know it the girl has her tea set packed up and she is walking out. Oh Tay, she knew what she wanted!
When we got in the car she said "mommy, let's go to Panera" so off  we went! I could totally see my mom doing this for me too!
Second place was perfect!
I have always LOVED the song "These are the Moments" by Sara Evans....When I downloaded these pics from our tea party I thought of that song...."These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive, these are the moments I'll remember all my life, I've found all I've waited for and I could not ask for more!"
I asked her if there was anything else she wanted to do today before we got Cade and she said, "yes, I need some flowers for my room in a vase!"
I love her, SO much. I truly feel like the luckiest mom ever getting to be these kids mom! She loved the tea party and it made her feel special, and it did me too! Oh how want to remember these moments forever!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day

While Jon was getting the camera ready, I snapped this of the kids as they were waiting on the stairs to come down on Christmas morning! They were so very excited!

Santa came!

The kids loved giving what they bought for each other, it was really sweet to see him get so excited to give!

Mimi and Pops came over about 9:00 to join us for breakfast! I always make something each person requests, this year it was breakfast casserole, piggies, sausage balls, fruit salad, donuts, you know a lot of healthy things, ha! :)
We went over to my moms for lunch and a fun afternoon of games and play! This Christmas was VERY different for our family, still fun, just different not being wih all the fam at nanny's. The kids decorated nanny's sugar cookies and gigi's gingerbread cookies, yum yum!

We played the minute to win it games we played at our church party since they were so fun! The family loved the games!

We did a few gifts!

We ate dinner and the kids bathed and looked too cute!
Love Gigi and Papaw's yard fun!
Our chefs for the day!
We ate good, ALL day long!

We dress comfy at Christmas, love that!
Thank you mom and dad for a fun Christmas day! They are quite the fab hosts these days!
I love that our kids really understand more and more each year about what Christmas is really about, they reminded us often that Christmas is about Jesus and I loved hearing about it each time they wanted to talk about it! Tatum said on Christmas day, " I wonder if the angel tree girl I shopped for likes her gifts?" It was so sweet that she thought about little girl that she shopped for. The hearts of these children are so precious! What a gift they are!
 We wish you a very Merry Christmas!