Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Life the past week ish!

Ya know what, I am SO thankful for THIS life. This life that God has given me, full of ups and downs and everything in the middle. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I feel like sometimes people can get caught up in the blog pictures/social media pictures and think life is so perfect and wonderful, and sometimes it may feel that way, but that's not anyone's everyday life I know. So just a little word today to be thankful for the life that YOU are living!
Speaking of life, these little lives right here make me so happy!
 I got to meet Andrea, Charleigh and Jax for lunch last week! We got to catch up and I got to hear all about her marathon and Disney trip! Love this girl and her babes!
 Wednesday snack and card games at Nanny's!
 So focused tongue out and all!
 Nanny even taught Tatum her sight words for the day!
 Off to school on a Thursday!
 Uncle Matt came to eat lunch with the kids...why would they all be in the same lunch at the same time....that would be because Uncle Matt might have accidentally over "napped" that morning and missed Tatum's lunch. Oh the heart attack I nearly had...good thing Tatum is forgiving! :) It ended well....Thanks Uncle Matt for coming to eat with the kids!
 Then we ate with Aunt Krissy, I guess I could call her Kristin since no children were around! :)
 While we were eating my parents sent us this text from their lunch on vacation...there was a tornado and they were taking cover at a Subway. We sent them back out lunch pic, I think they are happy we siblings like each other! :)
 After school homework+Nanny's cookies+hot chocolate=FUN!
 Jon called on his way home and said he got me a surprise for being awesome...i thought how sweet and yay I get a Mcd's coke (they have the best burn). And then he came home with THIS! WHAT!?
Yall, I made his lunch that morning-that's the only awesome thing I can think I've done out of the ordinary! :) It was sweet and special and I love the earrings! :) Thank you to the love of my life!
 She was SO over it!
 And then there is Cade who LOVES it!
 trying to pull out Cade's other front tooth with a nerf gun and a string. I didn't watch too close...OUCH! It didn't work, maybe it will just fall out and then my boy will really be toothless. 
I moved my work from my office to my living room for a change of scenery. So thankful for this job!
 I was getting ready to leave the house for 24 hours and thought I should leave a little surprise for the kids for when they got home from school that day....they loved it!
 Tanna and I escaped real life for 24 hours! It was amazing and wonderful and everything in between. This girl is so special to me in so many ways! 
 When I was headed home the next day I was reminded of a verse I had recently read, "A sweet friendship refreshes the soul!" And it SO does!
 While I was away Jon sent me these pics of them at dinner Friday night!

 Saturday Jon met up with the boys on his side of the fam for the Fort Worth Stockshow/Rodeo...
 And Tatum and Mimi and a day together!
When I got home I saw a package on the porch...these lovely cookbooks arrived, yay! I am so excited! Did you know that today is national chocolate cake day?! Me either, but now I have a cake cookbook to just whip one right up! 
 Heath and Aria's baby dedication Saturday night....such great families right here!
 Speaking of whipping things up...Julie can just about whip any and everything up for me! Love going to her for all my gifts!
 Sunday morning!

 Top pic was 3 years ago, bottom was Sunday....i love them SO much!
 A sweet friend sent me this pic after church Sunday! :)
 Lunch then school project time!
 Ta Da!
 Attempted rest time....she is just too funny!
 Nanny came over for dinner and Cade used her as an audience to practice his presentation!
 Happy Monday!
 My parents watched the kids Monday night while Jon and I had a date night! Thank you Mom and Dad!

 And thank you to Brad and Brooke for our giftcard from Christmas! We enjoyed!
 I came home to find my dad and my daughter like this....too sweet!
 Cheers to Starbucks on a chilly Tuesday afternoon!
 And off to homework!
I will leave you with this...I thought it was TOO funny!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

3 day weekend!

Hip Hip Hooray for a 3 day weekend!!
Well let me back track, this was Thursday night was sweet!
Jon took the kids lunch on Friday and he sent me this pic...I was impressed with the one pic I got! :) The kids sure love Jon coming to eat with them!
I had a work meeting and then joined these 2 for lunch and a trip to Trader Joe's! FUN!
Friday afternoon was WAY too pretty of a day to go we went home and changed into park play clothes and headed to the park! Maddox came to join us and went home with us too!

Friday night was a pizza and movie night!
And then after the kids went to bed it was a girls game night at Tanna's house! We had such a good time that my cheeks were hurting from all the laughter! :) Love this crew!
Saturday morning I was Tatum's dress up doll...I got my hair done and she put lots of jewelry on me, I love having this Tay as my daughter!
We went to see Norm of the North while the men in the fam went to a man-ish movie!
It's a great day when your 7 year old comes to cuddle up with you!
We celebrated Pops' birthday Saturday night! Happy Birthday Pops!

Tatum asked for a bun Sunday morning, and then for me to have one too...just 2 dirty hair bun girls headed to church! :)
And then a 10 mile run, it was a pretty sunshiny afternoon and great company!
We had small group Sunday night and it was a good one, love our group!
Monday we went to pick up the oldest 3 from the Clark Clan and headed out to Jump for Fun and the park, great day off!

While I took Tay to dance Cade went to the track with Kristin and my parents, he scored a good deal!
We met them for dinner after dance, while we waited we laughed!
Tatum and my dad....that are nutty!
My dads smile/laugh-he's a pretty happy dude, a happy retired dude!

And then Tuesday morning arrived....she couldn't even deal....
Ready or not back to school....
After school snack with friends!
And I was about a week over due celebrating Cade...he picked out this toy. This boy needed to be celebrated for making some big kid decisions I didn't even know hearing from another mom that he was doing the right thing when so many were not. He didn't even tell me. We've been talking so much about doing the right thing even when nobody is watching....Cade you are a good boy!
My mom gave the kids these comforters from the ranch house...the kids think they are so awesome and have carried these around the house for 2 days and made beds on them at night! It's the little things in life.

Chinese dinner at home, yum!
9 loads of laundry in the least it's over now! Whew!
I hope everybody has a great week!