Thursday, February 25, 2016

Life in February

I never intentionally get a month behind on my blog, but sometimes life it just way too fun to sit down and catch up on here. That is probably why it's currently 6am and I am catching up on posting.
As I was downloading 989 photos from the month of February I was thinking how crazy it is to take that many pictures... and then the very next second I thought how I can't have enough pictures of the kids growing up. These are the best days!

Well, homework isn't the best, but we make it fun!
Praying for Courtney a couple of days before she had Colbie. 
Hillsong Concert with sweet friends, man it was a good night!

Aunt Jan's bday dinner at Villiage Burger Bar!

Date night at Fireside Pies!
Lots and Lots of pretty days this month of playing outside!

Love this curler head girl!
Tatum counting out her 100 marshmellows for her 100th day of school project.
And here is the cutest 100 year old lady I have ever seen!
Tatum asked me to get her a jacket like mine with the thumb i did and she loves it! I feel like anything I have that she wants I try to make happen...that won't last forever and I will cherish it while it does happen! I love my girl!
Shooting some hoops with Cade!
Happy Birthday to Kim!
These girls are the best!
Lunch date, we love lunching together!
Cade had Jo over to play! Smoothie Cheers!

Sonic on a Friday after school is always a good idea!
Volunteering at Manna house!

Nails with Tay!
Birthday Party for Brynlee!

Western store shopping with Daddy, he sent me these pics!

The brothers at dance...they do pretty good entertaining themselves!
Love getting pics of my parents lunching with the kids!
backyard entertainment
science experiment in 1st grade!
Tatum had Annie over to play!
And Cade had Maddox over!
Tatum and Hailey face time, ALL THE TIME! And I love that so much!
Birthday lunch with Riane!
Happy Birthday to our Kar Kar!

Family dinner at Brad and Brooke's, so yum and so fun!

Bren came with us to dance this week...cute girls matching!
I started triathlon training this week! 

We went on a family bike ride!
Full house and a pallet, 2 things Tay loves!
Painting with the Priss while Cade was at baseball practice!
grocery shopping is more fun with her!
Legos with the boy child!
And that takes me more time to blog! I must wake the children  for school! Have a happy day!