Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Random Life Happenings

When it's been an entire month of no blogging and you arrange pics to fit into 22 posts, and then there is the one that has so much random. Let me introduce you to that randon fun post! 
I went over to Tannas one morning for breakfast/bootcamp/summer planning and got to cuddle up with this sweet boy!
And then Ellery and Heath together! These 2 sweet babes help me get my baby fix!
Lunch at Panera with these fun gals, my mom was on a trip-we missed her!
Afternoon icecream at Nanny's, this day was a little chilly so nanny gave her a little shawl! Tatum learned what a shawl was this day!
Full house is on Netflix party! Fun Fun!
Lunch with the Bina's, some of our very favorite faces right here!
The kids playing at the park in south lake!

We had a little fun getaway with the Andersens and Adamciks. We went to the the Expo with them to get their packets, Olive Garden for dinner, Target to candy, and back to the hotel for lots of laughs and a little sleep before we got up to cheer them on! I had never gone to a race like that to just cheer on the runners and it was so much fun! They both did so great running 26 miles, yes that was 26 miles, I cannot even imagine! Way to go B and B!
A few hours after the marathon we had small group! The kids all took their food to the playhouse and it was too cute!
Dinner at mom and dads on Monday nights are our FAVE! The kids had fun playing with Aunt Krissy on the drive way, 4 square on repeat!

Deeper Journey's with the SS girls! I could've listened to Jen Hatmaker speak all day, she is such a hoot and so so good for my soul!
Baseball is in full swing for the boy child! Opening Day is this weekend!
Who really has time to grocery shop? Well, I do, but I haven't made much time for that. This was taken at 6:30 on a Sunday morning. Yes, that was the only time it fit into the week and hey, we needed food!
Lunch and work!
I got to take little Levi around with me for a few hours a few weeks ago, I loved that!
One day after I dropped off the kids, I came home to this. This was the remnants of the kids breakfast and Cade's jacket left at home. I was so sad they were at school, and the house was TOO quite. I miss them SO much when they are gone to school all day. I am not sure if I will ever get used to that. But this is also a thankful sight, I have so much to be thankful for!
Happy 30th to Jamie!
Grocery with my bunny girl!
Looking pretty for church!
Fun Day in Mckinny!
Showering Jeremy and Amanda for their future babies, we are so so excited for them!
A yummy cupcake for a pretty girl!
Double date with some of our favorite people! We sat around the table for 3 hours talking and laughing, that's a good time!
My helper!
How did she grow up so fast!?
A girl and a candy store!

Until the next random life post! :)

My family is everything!

Jon took this pic of the kids and I cuddling one night after dinner, I told him it just felt so good to have my world all in my lap! They make me one happy mommy!
And a kiss was just icing on the cake!
From time to time one of the kids will say "let's dog pile on_____" and this day it just happened to be on Cade! I love these dog piling faces!
We play games nearly daily around here, the kids are getting pretty good at saying they are happy for the winner at the end. Let's just hope that makes them be good sports in life!
My boy!
And my other boy!
Family time is the greatest! With busy schedules, friends, more family, work, the everyday things that come up in life it's sometimes hard to carve out that time for just my family. But it's so so so important and the kids notice it and I hope that over time it becomes so important to them too. I really try hard to have us around the dinner table together 4 times a week with just us, I've always heard that is so good for the kids and I believe it is too. Some of the best conversations are around the dinner table.
 I love my family so so so big! 

Celebrating Tay!

It's no surprise around this house that we celebrate things BIG! When Tatum got her Sight Word Folder back in October we knew we had a goal. The goal was to get to page 40 and learn 8 words per page. We worked SO hard on this and every member of our family helped her learn these words! So the deal was when she completed her folder she got to go to American Doll. Funny thing is, all she wanted to do at American Doll was get her dolls ears pierced! I told Jon laughing as we walked out that that was our cheapest trip to the American Doll Store ever, $14! But, that is what made her little heart so happy and she felt so celebrated and loved, which was the goal! 
Check out this face!

We are so proud of our little smart kinder girl!

A couple of weeks later we went to Sweet Frog to celebrate all of these smart kinder girls completing their Sigh Word Folders!
And of course the brothers, we can't forget them!

She's MY dancing girl!

Sometimes when I just watch the kids I feel like I am living a dream. I was telling Tatum not too long ago that I loved to play house as a kid, be the mom and have kids, cook my family dinner and just be the mom. When I was watching Tatum in her costume at dance, twirl around with her friends and feel so special in her new costumes, I felt like I was living a dream! 
I can't wait to watch her dance in her recital!

Grandparent Lovin'!

Jon and I learned when Cade was a baby at a parenting class that the most influential people in your kids lives are you as the parent and the grandparents. I am so thankful for my parents making such an effort to be present in my kids lives, and my present I mean seeing the kids multiple times a week! I think they have fun together!

Thank you mom and Dad! We all love yall!