Saturday, April 30, 2016

Daughter of the King Luncheon!

My mom invited us girls to join her for a little shopping event and lunch at her church! It was a fun girly time!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Matt!

We had a fun birthday dinner celebration for Matt tonight! 
We all got over early and helped cook the dinner, my mom loves this! On the menu was sushi and hibachi, totally Matt's kind of food!
Brad and Brooke were in charge of the sushi making! They are such goofballs!
I was in charge of preparing the hibachi chicken, yum yum!
Happy Birthday Boy!
Dinner is served, love our BIG fam!

It was Nanny's actual birthday today, so we celebrated her too! 
Happy Birthday Matt and Nanny!
After dinner Kristin and Eric had a little surprise for everyone!

Her shirt says "twin momma!"
That is right, there are TWO babies! Oh me oh my how we are so so excited! They announced to Matt, Clarks, Nanny and GB tonight. It was fun to watch everyone's reactions since they thought there was just one. Oh what fun is in store for the family!
SO much more to come on the twins! Such a fun family night!

Work it!

I have been working on the 30 day Shred for quite sometime. Originally when I got the DVD I thought I would have it done in 30 days, no big deal. Boy was I wrong! It's hard to do that workout 5 days in a row without a break. So, needless to say it will have taken me about 7 weeks to complete it, but better late than never! My objective in doing the 30 day Shred is to prepare my body for boot camp. I think i'll be ready, but then I never really know. After that first day of boot camp I usually cannot even walk. I guess we will see in a couple of weeks! It was fun to have Brooke working out with me today!
And it's always fun for the kids to join me!
I love how mapmyride app gives you a montly summary!
And it even can track your mowing! ha! I thought I would do Jon a favor and get the yard mowed since he had a busy work week, oh my how I missed some spots. I should mention that this was all by a PUSH mower, holy workout!

Good little Sunday morning run with the girls!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A little bit of Life in April!

Jen took me to lunch for my bday...and we might have squeezed in a little shopping too! Love this girl!
Sonic treat with my Tay!
Our neighbor friend Madden came over to play!
Tired BOY!
Watching Cade practice on a Friday night. 
Sweaty after a long run on a Saturday morning!
Two thumbs up for Cade's awesome hits at his game!
And COUSINS!! We had so much fun hanging out with the Adlers while they were in town. I cannot say enough how much Tatum loves Hailey. It's so sweet to just watch Tatum and how she looks at Hailey and everthing that she does....Hailey's a sweet sweet girl so I love that Tatum looks up to her so much!

After pedicures and a little shopping the kids went to slumber at Auntie's with all the kids.....OH how they just loved this so so much!

What were Jon and I to do?! 
We layed on the couch and fell asleep for a while and then went to eat dinner and ran into these 2! So fun! Date crashers!
I loved getting all these fun pics from Auntie!

The kids talked about how much fun they had for days, in fact, Cade kept telling me how "perfect and wonderful" it was! I am so glad they got to spend some fun time with their cousins! What a joy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Week!

We are loving the spring weather and this spring season!
Sometimes I think about how much we love this time in our lives and don't ever want it to change. I think about how I can freeze time, and I haven't quite figured that out yet. I think about how can I enjoy this even more, how can I remember everything the kids are doing, what they look like, how Cade talks so different now without teeth, how Tatum looks so much up to her big brother, how Cade will do anything in the world for his sister....and I just never want to forget. So what do I do? I take their pics everyday, I get behind on blogging and when I have a rare moment I try to post as much as possible to have the memories forever!
Here is another school morning! Happy Monday!
And then Tuesday!
The humidity was out of control, I was literally dripping in sweat after my morning run. YUK! 
After school treat on a Tuesday!
Boot-camp tanks arrived, I cannot wait for another summer of Tanna kicking my booty into shape!
We celebrated some good news with Amanda and friends on a Tuesday night!
Happy Wednesday!
We love Wednesday afternoons at nanny's!
Cade, excuse him. #boyproblems
The Badger boy, see his program post for all the pics!
Tatum asked to fix my hair, anytime little girl!
Monday night dinner ended up being Thursday night this week! We love our weekly family dinners!
Field Tripping with Tay, full post below!
Kristin, the kids and I went with our mom to the Vintage Market Days and saw this gem of a sign! So so fitting!
Impromptu family dinner at our house on Friday night, Pizza and FUN!
The kids put on a play for us! Love them!
And then our neighbors asked us over to get in the hot tub!
We watch our favorite boy play ball on Saturdays! Maddox came to watch and Cade just loved that so much!
And anytime the cousins come it's a FUN TIME! Brooke brought 3 of the kids down for the game while Brad and Cam were on a campout....we needed more time with them and fro yo after, it was the perfect after game  party!
I didn't feel like cooking Saturday night, it should just be a rule not to, and we didn't have many we made it a Rosa's night and grocery store run! Love anytime with my fam!
After church on Sunday Tatum and I went to Ellery's first birthday party and had so much fun! I was so shocked that she wanted to get in the pin and play with the bunnies! 
Tatum loves Ellery and Heath! So my daughter always loving on all the babies!
We got home in time for small group and a quick run!
And then it's Monday again!
I've been working on Jillian Michael's 30 day shred! It's a hard one, but maybe it'll get me ready for boot camp! It was nice outside, so I moved my workout out!
Tatum was having a morning, she just needed a little "burn" and was all good after that. Sometimes that is just all a girl needs!
See, all smiles! I am sure that Brooke is shaking her head, :)!
I came to lunch with the kids!

Jon worked late and we took early baths and played and played!

And the storms were coming in this night so the kids just started out where I knew they would end our room. The only thing that changed in the night was they both ended up in our bed, with Tatum wrapped around me all night long! Sweet and scared Tay, again so my daughter!
The days and weeks fly by! This was a normal week around here, and it was enjoyed!