Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!
We are SO thankful for soldiers that fight for our freedom!
Today we went over to my parents for lunch and swim! Gigi did so good getting the kids 4th of July outfits early this year so we could wear them for Memorial Day too! Thank you Gigi for spoiling all of us! We are so excited to add 2 more to this picture next year!
The girls, 3 sweet hearts walking down a street!

My little loves!
We celebrated so much today!
Matt and Marie's wedding!
Brad's upcoming voyage!
Kristin is having BOYS!
And summer for 6 excited cousins!
So thankful my mom celebrates each thing separately so everyone feels special!
First family photo with the newest family member, welcome Marie!
Late afternoon we headed over to the Kings for another cookout and swim! Our kids have been in the water more the last 5 days than not! ha! They have had the best long weekend, and we have too!
We love baby Desi!
What a fun day, now all of our days will be mixed up all week!
Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Weekend Wrap, Memorial Day Weekend!

We had planned to go camping for a few days and then our plans changed to head down to Houston for a funeral instead. Jon's uncle Mike passed away last week from an awful car accident. It was really a terrible and sad situation. We went down to Houston on Thursday afternoon. The rain was crazy and most of the drive was stormy and flooding all along the highway. 
Tatum slept alot of the drive...
The kids were scared so I rode in the back most of the drive. 
We made it to our hotel late Thursday night and went straight to sleep. Friday morning we woke up and had breakfast in the hotel and then I went to run. The kids joined me since the pool wasn't open yet. 
But then it opened and they swam their little hearts out in the freezing cold pool!
We got ready and went to drop Jon off for the funeral. We didn't think it was a good idea to take the kids this small to the funeral. 
While Jon was in the service I took the kids for 2 much needed haircuts!

We drove across this crazy HIGH bridge in the rain. I mean talk about giving me a heart attack. I cannot even tell you how crazy high and steep this bridge's making my hands sweat all over again typing this blog, ha!
Chicky for lunch!
We went to the church and visited with the family at a reception after the funeral for a few hours and then hit the road over to the Hill Country for some r and r with the fam!
The kids were SO tired for some reason. What should have taken us 2 hours and 40 minutes, turned into a 6 hour drive because of all the rain. There were many times I was scared myself because the storms were so scary! We prayed several times along the drive for God to keep us safe!
We arrived! Look at that beautiful scene from our balcony, and that beautiful girl too!
Some silly smiles!

We headed to dinner at the grill Friday night! The kids ate the buffet and Jon and I shared street tacos and nachos, yum yum!

After dinner we went over to the smores area. I love how all the Hill Country resorts are so family friendly and fun activities!
The smores were DELISH!

The kids couldn't even wait to go swimming, so that we did! We went to the room for a quick change and off to the pool!


The kids were TIRED!
We LOVE hotel breakfasts! Cade thinks the buffet is the coolest thing because he can get anything and everything he wants. Tatum is a bad buffet girl, she got some cereal and a muffin and ate a smidge of each. I wonder where she gets that?! 
Off to swim!
And slide and slide and slide again!

Best picture of the weekend!
I am sure I don't say it enough; we are SO spoiled and loved by this guy right here! He loves us so well!

The kids made homemade ice cream out by the pool, they had so much fun doing this and an even better time eating it! This is such a great resort!
Playing games on the green!
We talked multiple times about how relaxing this little getaway was and how the kids are at the best ages (that we know of so far). We talked about needing to get away more often because it's just good for us all! 
After 10 hours in the sun we went up to our room and got ready for a dinner out!
In true Grimes fashion we at a local Grimaldi's! YUM! YUM! I think Cade thought so too, again, plate lickin' good!
A few more pics of the kiddos!

We headed home on Sunday. On the way home we talked about missing being at church and decided to have church in our car. We all picked a song to sing in the car. Cade chose "And all the people said Amen," Tatum chose "boats." We had no idea what she was talking about and then she said, "ohhhh, oops I mean "Oceans!" Bless her sweet little tiny heart! 
We enjoyed our church in the car!
When I look at this picture I think about how thankful I am for the many many blessings I see in these people! We had a really fun weekend away, but the best part is getting to go home with them and live everyday life together, that's my favorite!