Monday, June 20, 2016

Tay LOVES Jesus

I would say for about a year and a half Tatum has been asking questions about Jesus. She knows that Cade became a Christian when he was 5 and that she was going to also, but on her own time. She has known all the answers about eternal life and has prayed the sweetest prayers (mainly things she has heard someone else say in prayers) for quite some time. Recently, within the past 6 months she has really been asking so much more about heaven, Jesus, her heart and so much more! We always answer her questions with real answers and I know they have always left her thinking. This morning, we were supposed to be meeting our friends at 10:30 at the water park and I had to let them know that we would be late because Tatum was having a Jesus moment. She was asking about baptism and she told me that was the only thing holding her back from asking Jesus to live in her heart. I remembered an analogy that I had heard once before about baptism. I asked Tatum if she was proud that I was her mom, she said yes. I asked her if she wants people to know that I am her mom, she said yes. I told her if we didn't tell people that I am her mom and if she was not with me then nobody would know. I told her baptism is not asking Jesus to live in her heart, but that it is showing others that she has made that decision. It's showing the church that she has that relationship with Jesus and that she wants to follow Him all of her life. 
We went to the water park.
We went to dinner with friends.
We were driving in our neighborhood from dinner and Tatum said that she was ready to ask Jesus to live in her heart! Jon quickly pulled over 1 minute away from our house. I prayed with Tatum and she repeated everything I said out loud. She had been thinking all day long about what we talked about that morning and things that she has known for about a year. She was ready, and she understood. 
She was so proud, she was relieved. I could really tell that this was stirring so deeply in her heart and she wanted so bad to take that step and pray. It just had to be on her time. The timing of the Lord was perfect! Jon and I have prayed many many prayers for our children's salvation and that they would come to follow the Lord at a young age. HE has answered that prayer and we could not be more thankful as their parents! 
Tatum Lauren, we are so proud of you making the very most important decision of your life. We are now sisters in Christ and that thrills me like nothing ever else will! 
I took this picture as soon as we got in the house. She was beaming!
I have been writing in a Bible for Tatum since she was born. I wrote this on her 5th birthday. 
And after we recited John 3:16 in our prayer that night she asked if she could write "Tay is a Christian" on that page. This will be a memory I hold so close to my heart, forever!
And in true Grimes fashion we went to celebrate immediately! Blizzards for the Christian girl!
It was hard for me to leave her this Monday night. So I didn't. I laid with her until she fell asleep and then some more....there are many many times as a parent you feel proud. Some that we have experienced so far and some that we will later in life. But this day, June 20th 2016 was one that will hold the most important day of our little Tatum's life. 
I went to bed relieved too. Thankful and joyful too!
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bootcamp-first 3 weeks

I am not quite sure I can put into words just how much I LOVE bootcamp. I cannot even remember how many years I have been doing this each summer, but it just gets better with every year! The workouts are intense-I never leave without thinking that was the hardest one yet. The devotional time of bootcamp is just as intense, every summer. The study that is chosen is always so perfect for the time and I cannot say enough great things about the spiritual growth as well. And then there is my friend Tanna that leads it all! This is the best part! She fits in this category of a friend like no other. The way we met all these years ago was a blessing from the Lord. I just love her and her family so much! I am so thankful for the life friend I have in her!
Here are a few pictures of the first 3 weeks! I will plan to share my summer goals for Bootcamp on the next bootcamp post!

Summer Lovin'!

Most Mondays are water park days! We LOVE water park days with friends!

Cade came home and crashed hard in his bed. He never does this! Tatum snapped a picture and came to show me. Totally taken at her 5 year old view, love it!
Monday night we met the Bina's for dinner! We just LOVE them so so much!

On the way home Tatum decided that she wanted to ask Jesus to live in her heart, forever. A WHOLE post coming on this, but oh how happy we were, we are, we forever will be for her!
Tuesday the kids went to spend the night at Jon's parents house with their cousins. Jon and I were able to go out for a dinner date and then to Walmart, isn't that so romantic! I didn't even take a picture because we both had on tshirts and shorts and both looked a mess. That's really what I need to take pictures of, real life. And the trip to walmart on the date night too! We, in our messy selves, had so much fun! We came back home and watched Netflix and went to bed early!
Wednesday after bootcamp I got caught up on work, which is always good! I love having zero emails in my inbox and my to do folder on my desk empty! There is such a great feeling of accomplishment when all of those things are done, even if it is short lived. I had a hair appointment in Dallas late afternoon and met Rachel and Bethany for lunch beforehand. Breadwinners and friends, SO great!
Thursday we met Brooke and Karlee, Nanny, Sarah, Kristin, and my mom for a fun lunch and afternoon of shopping!
We shopped around the Galleria for a bit and then headed over to Buy Buy Baby because baby things are just too much fun right now! I loved this picture of their hands on their bellies! All this baby stuff is SO much fun to Tatum!
Fun day, love our fam!
It was only fitting to go swimming after all that shopping!
And Monday night dinner at Mom and Dads was Thursday this week, we are all fans of Gigi's cooking!

Weekend Wrap-Father's Day

Even in the summers I look forward to the weekend!
Jon is home, the work slows down, it's more relaxed, and it's just the weekend! :)
I came home from Bootcamp on Friday morning and Cade asked me to make him pancakes, well you betcha bud!
And then we headed out to the waterpark for some fun with friends!

The weekend is just happy and pretty!
Jon sent me this...poor guy gets SO hot in the summer! We are so thankful he works so hard for our family!
Friday night we took Jon out for Father's Day! With Father's Day weekend being so busy celebrating our dads we needed to block off a night just to celebrate Jon and all that he does for us and the great daddy that he is! He wanted Outback for dinner and the kids just LOVED it so much! 
The kids thought it would be fun to blind fold Jon to give him his gifts, it was really sweet and Jon made it fun!
I LOVE this picture of Jon with the kids!
We enjoyed celebrating what a great daddy he is!
Saturday morning it was an early one! These crazy girls and I met for a 10 miler at 5am! It felt so good to get that in during the busy weekend and early too!
Even though we started early there was still 4 pounds of sweat poured out during that 10 miles, Ohhhh the sweat!
I walked in the door to find my little loves watching cartoons on their weekend beds, ha. They love to make pallets and sleep on the couches....and we let them just about all weekend every weekend! It's the little things right!?
I took a quick shower and headed over to my parents house to set up for my dad's Surprise Party! He just thought his birthday was over! My mom planned a really really great party for him and there was SO many people there! It really shows how much he is loved! The food, decor, friends, family, it was all so great! Way to go mom!
I love him so much!
And this one too, so so much!
Happy Sunday!

I think Sunday I was super worn out because I really failed at the picture taking. Happy Father's Day Dad!
We had pizza and salad at our house for lunch to celebrate our dad, and then burgers at Jon's parents to celebrate Larry! It was a fun family day celebrating our great dads!

By Sunday night I was just pooped! We all went to bed early so we could get rested up for another fun summer week!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mom's 55th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mom!
We surprised my mom for breakfast, she thought it was just her and my dad. No way we were going to miss Birthday Chicky breakfast!
It was an all day fun day with our Gigi!

She even worked on with me on her bday!
Jon hadn't seen Kristin's ever growing twin belly in a few days and couldn't get his hands off of it when he first saw her. It was really sweet!
We catered On the Border for a family birthday dinner! It was extra delish and such a fun night with the entire family there!
Happy Birthday Mom and Dad we love you both so much!