Friday, July 29, 2016

Pine Cove, Camp in the City!

Pine Cove Camp has been on a countdown around our house all summer. Cade really had the best time last year and has been talking to Tatum about how much fun she was going to have! I have been excited for the kids too, but also a little selfish in that they were going to be gone everyday Monday through Friday 9-4. I was able to get caught up on work from being gone the week before, so that was good, it was just too quiet around here. 
Jon wrote the kids lunch notes for the first day! :)
All ready for day 1!
I love my little campers!
Tay and her friends!
Ready for day 2!
And day 2 pick up called for Sonic Happy Hour!
Day 3!
I love how they take pictures of the kids each day and post them of the app for the parents to see all day! Such a great camp!

 Day 4!
 Day 5! So happy to have my kiddos back for a few more weeks of summer!

 Pine Cove Camp is not your average camp. The teenagers that work at the camp really are there to teach and love on the kids, and the fun they have there is seen all over their faces. I am so thankful for such a great Christ centered camp that comes to our church in the summer! I wonder how many more years I can get away with the Camp in the City instead of overnight camp. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mexico VAYK!

Jon and I planned a Mexico Trip with several friends back in February and have been looking SO forward to it for months! I was a little nervous to leave the kids for so long, we have never left them more than 2 nights in a row. Well, mix that with me recently not liking to fly and I was a little nervous! 
This was the last time Jon and I escaped life for a Mexico Trip....2007! 

So, it was time to go again!
The kids and Eric and Kristin took us to the airport! 

We kissed the kids goodbye and everybody survived that with no tears! WIN!
We made it on the plane!
Side note: I didn't even have a panic attack, much to my surprise since I had worked it all up in my head for months! Thank you Lord!
We made it to Mexico!
Let the fun begin!
We headed straight to the pool!
And then off to dinner!
We ate at a french restaurant Sunday was NOT the best so I ordered room service at 11pm! YUM! This was just the start to me LOVING room service! :)
My date, my forever date!
Monday morning I woke up to this view, I think I can handle this vacation thing!
I brought a stack of books to read since I never make time for that at home. I didn't know if my hyperactive self could sit this long, but I did yall, like everyday, it was so wonderful, peaceful and relaxing!
I couldn't sleep in very well since my body alarm clock has been waking up at 5:00 am all summer. And since Jon is on that same body clock we were both up. He came with me to the gym and I got a good 7 mile run in before breakfast! Talk about some serious Mexico sweat! It was super hot!
We also made our way around the resort, it was so so beautiful!
Off to breakfast!
The anky is getting much better!
We dined with the Andersen's and Kings!
Off to the beach for the day!

dinner time! 
We ate at the mexican restaurant Monday night!

Tuesday morning I went on a walk with Rachel. These picture out takes were too funny!
And then off to relax! That was the theme of the trip!

Let me introduce you to relaxed Mexico Melissa!
Jon thought I was silly for packing snacks! At the airport my bag was too heavy. Jon told me to throw away my snacks and I told him I just couldn't. So instead I carried on my shoes in my carry on, it's all about priorities right!? A girl needs her snacks!
Our bath tub was wonderful! 
All these pics of my legs and feet have me laughing! :)
dinner with the crew! I don't know what this dinner place was, maybe the steak place? Anywho, it was so so so yum!
We talked of this often, but our group was just so great!!
And my date, he's pretty great too!
Wednesday morning the girls ran the 5K!:) It was fun and hot!

The boys went on a fishing excursion so the girls played at the beach! So fun!

Hibachi dinner and beach pics on our last night!

Here's that great group! :)
So much fun, great conversation, great company, relaxation, great food, much entertainment, more relaxation, and so much more was had! We loved getting away so very much!
Thursday morning we were up bright and early to head home! 
I sent this to my family and they said "some things never change!"
One last look, this place was just too beautiful!

As relaxing and wonderful as it was to get away, I am completely full of joy to be back to my reality! Mommy and daddy vayk was wonderdful!