Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! 
Today, I am excited to link up with The Larson Lingo, Mix and Match Mama, and Sheaffer Told me to for What's up Wednesday! 
 What we're eating this week:
My kids LOVE to eat! They make meal planning very easy for me. Usually on Saturdays I will ask them to each tell me 3 things they want for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the next week. I make a grocery list off of that plan, I put my groceries into Walmart grocery for a pick up on Sunday, food prep on Sunday, and everything is brainless the entire week. We know what we are eating (the kids have approved), we have it and I just have to make it! :) 
Monday: we eat at Gigi and Papaw's house, this week the kids requested chicken spaghetti, it was a delight (see picture below for some serious devouring)
Tuesday: I made Mix and Match Mama's BBQ Tacos I substituted the brisket for chicken and the only complaint was; that there wasn't enough for leftovers! Win!
Wednesday: We eat in a hurry before church, most likely something of sandwich nature tonight!
Thursday: We will need some veggies in out life, grilled chicken, broccoli, corn and salad are for dinner!
Friday: Pizza and salad.
What I'm reminiscing about:
Mainly Summer!
The beach trip was the most relaxing!
 Our water park days, we just LOVE summer!
 And pool days! Do you see a common theme, we live in swimsuits and we just LOVE summer! 
What I'm Loving:
Yall, I'm not sure you are supposed to love food. But, if it's allowed to love food, then I LOVE these cookies right now! Yes, I make them alot, but the bakery ones right now, oh man I cannot get enough of them. Morning, noon or night give me these cookies!
See, I even bought them, brought them to the front seat with me, and I just might have had a few during the car line pick up! :)
What we've been up to:
Pretty much getting back into the school routine. 
Pick up is my very favorite time of the day, I love these faces so much!

 What I'm dreading:
Ok, this marathon training is awesome and all but I have never ran over 15 miles at one time. So, let's be honest the fear of the unknown of what those 20 milers are going to feel like...I am dreading that. 
What I'm working on:
I am training away!
Speaking of marathon training, I love how my app sends me an email each week of what my workouts consisted of the week prior. 

What I'm excited about:
This guys birthday is in a few weeks! I am excited to celebrate him BIG!

 What I'm watching/reading:
I have loved anything Priscilla Shirer has come up with, and this book is another one on my list. I am enjoying this study!
What I'm listening to:
I love me some Kari Jobe radio!
 What I'm wearing:
I am double blogging today, I also joined The Pleated Poppy for What I wore Wednesday you can see all of my favorite clothing items there!

What I'm doing this weekend:
Spending time with the people I love! 
What I'm looking forward to next month:
Who doesn't love fall?! It's such a great season full of cooler weather, jeans and boots, everything pumpkin, Starbucks instead of Sonic treats, and a new season-what's not to love! I am looking forward to fall next month!
What else is new:
I am transitioning my blog of 9 years over to a new style, come back soon and check it out!
Happy Wednesday!

What I wore Wednesday

I am so excited to join The Pleated Poppy for What I wore Wednesday. You should too, grab Lindsey's button and link back to The Pleated Poppy! Isn't this fun!

 It is no surprise I LOVE Free People! Jon loves me to wear Free People, I love Free People, it's just a win win! 
Great transition top!

Love this one!

We can just go ahead and claim this one as a "Jon FAVE!"

 Think this skirt and a chambray top tied or tucked! 
This dress will be a great fall staple, I have about 5 baby showers to attend and/or host this fall!
 And this too, I cannot get enough off the shoulder, and I love a dress under $50. Tatum tried to make her pj's this off the shoulder style the other night, bless her tiny heart!
And everything with these fab booties!
 And let's be honest, this momma's everyday life is a target tshirt (another similar)this one is currently in my closet and on repeat! If only I really took the naps! :)
Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Talk about Tuesday!

We are getting the hang of this school thing, I think! :)
Today was the first day the kids came downstairs on their own, without being woken up 5x or without me having to dress the girl child in her sleep (talk about a workout)!
 The kids were all smiles and giggly this morning, sure hoping they got all of that out before the school day started. 

We have been riding at least one lap around the neighborhood each day for Cade to get the hang of riding without his training wheels. He's doing so great, a little wobbly, but overall all smiles and going way too fast for me!
 Jon is recovering well from his shoulder surgery. He had his first physical therapy yesterday and it went really well, He seems to be right on track for his 4 month recovery process. Now, should he be airing up the kids tires for their bike ride...I am not so sure of that! :)
The kids are all about playing outside lately since the temperatures have been so much cooler! I'm just try to keep up! :)
Somehow I had my phone out to capture this moment at just the right time on Sunday. Tatum said "mommy, do you ever just stop and smell the flowers?" Where does she come up with things like that?!  
Last Wednesday night our church kicked off our Wednesday night Bible studies and the kids activities too. I am really excited about the fall study I am doing with a great group of women! 

I just love how facebook reminds me of how cute and little the kids were, this equally makes me smile and sad! :)
I don't think I've written it on the blog yet (because that just makes it too official), but I have committed to running a full marathon this December! Insert all the crazy emoji faces here! I took selfies of some of those faces on my own, when I committed, but I will spare you from viewing those faces. I am now 3.5 weeks into the 18 week training and I am enjoying it so far. I am planning to update each week with the schedule I am running so I can keep up with the process, and to be honest; to look back on it some day since I plan on doing just ONE of these marathons in my lifetime! :)
If any of you marathon runners can give me any advice, I am always open to hearing and trying out new things. I have worn these shoes for the past 4 months, but I will need to replace them very soon. 
This week the running schedule is 3 miles, 6 miles, 3 miles, 6 miles, 11 miles, a cross training day and a rest day! I better go get today's done!
Happy Tuesday!

First day of First and Second Grade!

It's the first day of school!
This day sneaks up on me every year, I think it's because I am never really ready for the kids to go back to school. I always thought after Kinder it would get easier, and I don't think that so much anymore! I am thankful we get to walk the kids in to their classrooms the first 2 days. That 3rd day is rough pulling up to the curb, getting a quick kiss goodbye and driving off swallowing hard! We love the kids school, their teachers and the friends they have made. I am sure this year will be just as wonderful! 
The kids requested muffins for breakfast, lunchables for lunch, and chinese chicken for dinner! Anything for my favorite first grade girl and second grade boy!
Tatum's skirt

Cade's shoes shorts lunchbox 
 After school we went out for icecream, cooked dinner, took baths and went to bed early to do it all over again the next day. The kids had a great day first day! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

This boy and this girl, they have my heart!

 This might be my all time favorite picture, like of this decade yall!
These two, I just love them so much!
Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekend Wrap!

It's the last weekend before school starts! How can it be?!
Soon, the bed times are much much earlier around here, the days are not quite so lazy, and the time we have together at home is much more limited. It's always fun while it lasts, makes the time we have together as a family so precious and has us looking forward to the next school break already!
Here is our weekend!
Friday night we went over to the Key's house for a swim and cookout, the kids LOVED their pool and slide! We had a fun time and stayed out way too late!

Saturday morning Tatum had her big girl 1st grade breakfast Bible ceremony at church! I love that our church makes a big deal out of moving upstairs to "Kidlothian!" It is a big deal and I am so glad they recognize that! They served breakfast, presented the 1st graders their Bibles, and had a great informational meeting on our duties as parents. Even though we heard all of those things last year with Cade, it's good to hear them again! We have started doing the Keys for Kids app each night with the kids before bed. It's a short devotional that the app has for each day. If you have small children,this is a great resource!

Jon and I went to bed the other night and thought, man we are hungry. So we both got up and went to the kitchen. We have this thing with the Bina's about Oreo's....well it's really Jon and Andrea, ha! We thought the choice of snacks was funny, Jon chose a spinach salad (healthy) and I chose Oreo's and milk (yummy)! I slept good after this! :)
I saw this quote on facebook the other day and though, how true?! 
Need I say more?!
 After the breakfast at church we headed home for a quick change of clothes and went to Heath's first birthday party! I cannot believe this little guy is ONE already! This Grimes family is all about Heath, love him so much! Happy Birthday Heath Robert!

The kids loved the glitter tattoos!

 After the party we came home and changed again, I went for a run and then we went to meet the Bina's for dinner at Chuy's! We always LOVE a dinner with this crew. Only pic I was able to get was this fun girl talk...

 Sunday we went to church, it was promotional Sunday and the kids were excited to move upstairs and be together!

After church we came home for lunch, relaxed a bit and went to dinner for our last summer night fun! The kids wanted Chilis. Cade had recently saw a commercial for the Molten Chocolate Cake....he was all about that cake!
Here are the boys trying to be macho tough boys!
Ta Da!!
 Allie Hallie even got to join us!
Tomorrow they will be in 1st and 2nd grade, how does this happen yall!? 
We ended the night with baths, jammies and reading the First Day book. The kids love reading this the night before school starts. Do you think they will let me read it to them through senior year first day?! Ahhh I sure hope so! :)
The 4 of us took turns praying for the next day and thanked the Lord for such a wonderful summer! We are so blessed!