Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Well, I am VERY excited to say that my blog post is very nonexistent today. 
Only because...
I have been busy prepping for something SUPER exciting, and I will be posting all about that exciting news on Instagram tonight at 8:30. 
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I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Talk about it Tuesday

Good Tuesday morning! 
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I will openly admit I am literally running around like a crazy person this week. 
I am OVER the top excited to share with you on Thursday a little something I've been working on in the midst of a VERY busy week for my family!
 Ohhh, I cannot even wait! 
But, for today, Let's Talk about it Tuesday!
 Today I am going to share with you a few holiday favorites! 
If you are like me you have about 30 places to go in December, some are kid friendly class parties, some are adult work parties, some are family outings, some are girlfriend gatherings, but they all have one thing in common- they are all festive and require something to wear of holiday nature! 
So, let's take a look at a few things I've been rounding up over the last month!
 And you cannot ever go wrong with these fab earrings!
Happy Holiday Shopping!

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekend Wrap

Oh how did the Monday after Thanksgiving get here so quickly. 
It's always hard to drop the kids off at school on Monday's, but especially after a long break. 
We had such a fun break, and breaks always come at the best time! For now, we will push through until our next one in about 3 weeks!

Friday we woke up to Cade singing "Happy Birthday" to himself, it was so funny! Sweet boy was so excited! 
He wanted to open his gifts right when he woke up, here is is 8 years old and 8 things to open!
 And then we had grandparents, our neighbor and Cade's best buddy Maddox over for breakfast and Cade's biggest gift reveal, his room re-do! He asked me over the summer if he could have a big boy room, and bless his heart I needed to make that happen. We gave him a fish room theme with a big boy bed when he was 3 and have not done a thing to it since then. It was time! He requested bunk beds and super hero, and we made both of those things come to life! Here he is walking into this new room on his birthday, so excited!

 He was so happy to have Maddox there with him!
 Cade requested donut holes, breakfast tacos, biscuits, bacon, cinnamon rolls, eggs, fruit, and chocolate milk for breakfast! And we had it all! I mean you only turn 8 once, right! :)
 Gigi made this pillow for Cade's new room, so so cute!
 So glad Mrs Jennifer could come too!
 Cade loved his new books from Mimi and Pops!
 Cade was so happy Matt and Marie could come too!

Next up, the boy couldn't wait to spend his birthday money!
 Fire side pies for the birthday dinner!
 Love this one!
 And then, all aboard the Polar Express with friends!

 I love that these 2 LOVE celebrating their birthdays together! I see an arranged marriage in their future!
 And to top off the birthday day, we had dessert at Bj's-we love a good Pazookie!
 And we can always count on the little sis child to snooze on the way home after a long day! Poor Tay!
 Saturday morning we slept in and then decorated the house for Christmas! This is one of my very favorite days each year!

 And then, I hit the pavement for a run! Not many more!
 Tatum was looking too cute Saturday night!
 Sunday lunch with friends!
 I am so thankful for my necklace from Stella and Dot this week that Jessa gifted me with, and this fab tee from Brittany! You can follow their Instagram here:
Jessa: Jessajo7
Brittany: truthinkbybrit

I am LOVING this cozy cardigan too, you can find it here!
 Sunday afternoon meeting at Starbucks, I cannot wait to share with you some EXCITING news on Thursday!
It's all about balance right!?
 I ended the weekend with a Gillmore Girls watching party full of fun and junk food! Thank you Janae for hosting such a fun night!
 Ok, let's make the most out of this Monday!
Have a good day!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!
I feel like we just shared our Friday Favorites, like 2 days ago. This week has gone by entirely too quickly, the breaks usually do! We've had a great week while the kids have been out of school. I have to make this quick today because I have a BIRTHDAY boy to celebrate, oh goodness I cannot believe that my boy is 8 years old today, y'all he's EIGHT! 
Ok, Friday Faves!
Thank you Narci, Erika and Shay for the link up!
I love that our kids were so excited to pick out their angel tree gifts on Sunday at church! I love their giving hearts!
 American Girl was so decked out on Monday for Christmas, girly style of course! Such a fun time with Tay at Bry's birthday party!
 I have loved the kids being out of school and lazy mornings at home all week!
 And time for things like this....Cade making legos! And let's check these out, he did them all by himself! Way to go Cade!
 Lots of baby snuggles!
 I love that my parents take the kids out for a special one on one outing the week of their birthdays! Cade chose Peter Piper Pizza, they sent me these pics, which I just love!

 Tatum and I could do this all day long!
 I love twinning with my Tay!
 Trolls movie with friends on Wednesday!

 and Gigi too!
 I love our Thanksgiving Turkey Trot tradition! Such a fun, and cold morning getting another training run marked off the list!
 Car selfie with these fab friends!
 It was a Happy Thanksgiving! I am beyond thankful for these faces that I get to call my family! God has truly blessed us!
 Gotta love the outtakes!

 We had Thanksgiving lunch at my parents house, it was a full day of eating and fun!
 We are just missing the tiniest cousins! 
 Amanda and Tay and their twinning shoes! Tay thought that was just so cool!
 Nanny always gives the great grandkids their Christmas ornament at Thanksgiving, and all of the couples too! The kids just loved what she picked out for them, how fitting too! Good job Nanny!

 It's tradition I annoy Jeremy and eat all the crust on his slice of pecan pie! :) Cousin Lovin!
 So thankful my sister was able to sneak away and join us for a little while! She's such a great new mommy!
 And...last but certainly not the least, Happy Birthday to this little stud today! I will have to share all my thoughts about this boy turning 8 on Monday, because I am off to celebrate this boy BIG today! Afterall, you only turn EIGHT once right!? :) 
I hope your Friday is fabulous!