Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

This might have been my favorite week of the year! When the kids are out of school for a long time like the Christmas break it instantly takes me back to their little years in life that I call the "good ole days" where there was no school and no schedule (well we didn't HAVE to be anywhere if we didn't want to me). Those years flew by, but when the kid are out like this it takes me back to those days and I love it! Today I am linking up with Erica and Narci for some Friday Favorites, and I have alot of them today!
Christmas Day this week was definitely a favorite!
The kids and I went to a slumber party on Tuesday night, we ate lots of junk food, stayed up way too late and had the best time with some really sweet friends! :)

After the slumber party Wednesday morning we needed to get some groceries before we headed home, so we went in our pj's, yes all 3 of us. We didn't see anyone we knew, but I guess I am telling the world now, ha! :)
My new mug from my Nanny is definitely a favorite! I have had this mug full of hot cocoa multiple times a day this week! Thank you Nanny!
This will be a favorite forever, when my 8 year old boy asks me to play with him, my answer is "YES YES YES!" I love him so much!
And then this girl! She loves to make necklaces and bracelets out of beads and I just so happen to love to spend any moment of the day with her! Love my little Lauren!
Cade captured this moment, we've been playing lots and lots of games!
Mexican dinner Wednesday night with my faves!
She is getting pretty good at taking selfies!
Simple lunches at home with my children will always be a favorite too! Especially when I asked the kids what they wanted to do for the entire day, and they said play and eat at home! I don't mind that answer one bit! I am taking all of this in and hoping I never forget it! 6 and 8 are pretty great!
This lovelyness came in the mail yesterday....When you see your Erin Condren box arrive you get all kinds of happy...or maybe that's just totally me! :)
I ordered a simple cover this year! I have this weird thing where I keep all of these calendars from the years in a box, not that I go back and look at them now, but one day I just might! This one makes year 9! 
More games, more fun!
Cade asked me if we could bake cookies, and I said "why not?!"
He made a village of stuffed animals on the top bunk and asked me to take his pic, it's the little things people....he is 8 and I love that he likes to play stuff like this! 
Beading again!
Cookies and Milk Cheers!
After dinner last night this happened!!
And this too! After each time the Jenga blocks fell we gave the kids one clue of what we will be doing New Years Day for family fun...they are so excited and have no clue (even after 4 Jenga falls and 4 clues) ha! 
When the girl child asks to do dishes I will always encourage! Love my girl!
A few things I've been wearing lately!

Jon gave me this great top for Christmas, he loves it...I love win!
The truth is I wear this most of the time....give me a good pullover, workout pants, and tennies and I am all set for the day!
I loved this vest (other options here and here) and dress for our Christmas Eve Service! 
Y'all, my very favorite simple long sleeve tees are $29, they are my weekly go to's for sure!

Another gift from Jon, this cute top!
My family is always a favorite!
The day after Christmas lunching at one of my favorites, that just so happened to turn into my families favorite.... Grimaldi's! I cannot get enough of this place, eva!!!
The kids make running errands fun!
Speaking of my children just woke up and we are off to have a fun day with friends! 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Day

We had a VERY Merry Christmas over here! 

We woke the kids up at 6:30 so we would have plenty of time for our little family of 4 Christmas before we joined more family for the day. The kids got right up (I know you cannot imagine that as I have to pry Tatum out of the bed each day for school) and sat on the stairs until they had the "ok" to come down! Here are 2 excited kids to see what Santa brought them!
I must document that Tatum came down on Christmas Eve after she had been in bed for about 30 minutes and asked if we could leave Santa a note to leave her gifts on the porch because she does not, I MEAN DOES NOT, like anybody like that coming in our house after she has gone to bed. Same thing with the Tooth fairy and Easter Bunny! :) Oh that girl has so much of me in her it's scary! :) So we left Santa a note to leave the gifts on the porch and she asked Jon and I to bring them things in before she woke up. Oh Tatum Lauren!
 Santa came!

 So happy to have our 11th Christmas married together! He will never forget my stocking, not after the first year when he's the best part! :)
 On Christmas morning I always make one thing each person requests for breakfast and we have a little breakfast feast! I really look forward to this time with my family each year!
 Even if we are all a bit crazy!
 We got ready and headed to Mimi and Pops' house for lunch!
 Jon got me this cute top and insisted I wear it on Christmas Day, it is so pretty! I love that he picks out things on his own he likes me to wear, great job hubby!

It was a Merry Christmas at Mimi and Pops' house! 
We opened gifts, had lunch, played games, read the story of baby Jesus and had Happy Birthday Jesus cake!
 My Jon and Jon Jr boys!

 We had dinner and Christmas celebrations at my parents Christmas evening with all the family on my moms side! We were so excited the Adlers were able to join us this year! We ate mexican for dinner, had way too many desserts, played a game and played and played! It was a fun ending to a great Christmas Day!

 We are so thankful for all of the celebrations we had with family! 
And most of all we are thankful for a little baby that was born to later become the savior of the world! Merry Christmas from my family to yours!