Thursday, February 16, 2017


Happy Valentine's!!
We were excited for Tuesday!
 The kids had parties at 9:15 which means they get to go home with me at 10:15 when the parties are over!
 That is the very best part about party day, if you ask me! :) 
2 happy kids ready for school party day (ok, Cade wasn't really feeling the pic and Tay might have been over faking it)!
 Cade's class had some really fun games planned, he had a blast!

 Tatum's class made Vday bags and exchanged Valentines!

 After the parties we went over to Aunt Krissy's house for lunch and then we left Tatum with Papaw, Aunt Krissy and the boys and we snuck out to a movie with Cade! He wanted to see The Lego Batman movie, and any chance we get to go to the movies we go! :) We love this sweet boy!
 We might have been home from the movie for 30 seconds before the legos and batman stuff came out to play! The boy recreated most everything he could remember from the movie with legos! :) 
 Jon came home from work, we exchanged Valentine's and split for our date nights with the kids!
 Jon and Tatum dined at Chicky! They both told me how much fun they had and all the things they talked about! :) I love that she loves going on dates with her daddy, so much! 
 And Cade and I dined at non other, but Grimaldi's! :) We played word search, tic tac toe, hang man, talked about what Cade wants to be when he grows up (the most current occupation is-he wants to work at Monster Jam so he only has to work on Saturdays, haha), we talked about school and friends, and how he missed his daddy. :) I enjoyed my one on one time with my boy!
 Goodness I love these faces so much! :) 
It was a sweet Valentine's day in the Grimes house! Jon and I are excited to go on our date this weekend! :)
Happy Vday! 

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