Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekend Wrap!

We had a FULL weekend of fun! 
These are the weekends we don't have often because there is no down time, but there was just nothing to cut out of this weekend because it was just all too much fun! :)
We kicked off the weekend with the Bina's! One of our most favorite families on the planet! 
Sweet Jax and Cade!
 We talked and talked for so long with them and still didn't want to leave! Andrea said it best, " A sweet friendship refreshes the soul!" 
 LOVE this fam so much!
 Saturday morning Tatum and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Rachel. I had the best little helper! I love that she wants to join me for all the showers and fun!
 Sweet shower friends!
 After the shower the boys came back home with lunch and told us girls the plan for some family parkin'! I watched the boys play football together and kept thinking how thankful I am for this relationship that they have. It's one that only a dad can have with a son, and for that I am so thankful! Cade is all about his daddy right now! 
 It was such a pretty day for some family fun!
 Later in the afternoon I met up with the girls for a night away at the Omni before Kerri's marathon the next morning. We did nothing but relax, eat way too much candy, talked for hours upon hours, went downstairs for dinner, and back up for more of the same. It was great and wonderful!

 Jon sent me these pics of what was happening at home. Looks like the kids made dinner! :)
 And the race day came very early! 
I was SO excited to be a spectator at this marathon and not a runner! :) It's fun to be on the cheerleader side sometimes! Here we are at mile 9 waiting for our girl!
 And there she came all smiles!
 This was mile 15, you go girl!
 And here we are at the end after a change of clothes. I am so proud of Kerri for rocking such a hard course and finishing the race, it was a tough one! Now we just need someone else to do something monumental so we can go stay together and cheer the next one on! :)
 I asked Jon how things were going Sunday morning at home. He sent me this pic of Tatum and said that he straightened her hair and she was ready to go. I was impressed Jon did such a thing...but I do have to say our girl looks so pretty!
 And we cannot forget about the boy child!
 I came home Sunday afternoon and the kids had made a Game night menu! We had my parents over for dinner and to join the night of games!
 We played 7 games, but the most fun was pie face showdown! :)
Lots and lots of laughs for sure!
Whew that was busy! And now it's Monday and it's go go go until next weekend! I'm thinking the kids and this momma will have the same time bed time all week. 
Have a good Monday!

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