Monday, March 6, 2017

Life catch up!

 Well hello there long lost blog! I have been soaking up lots of time with family and friends and haven't even turned on the computer in over a week! ;) So, lots of catching up to do!

Ya know I love capturing these oh so excited school morning faces! I reminded them of this morning that spring break is right around the corner, it's so close I can just feel it! We are just a little excited for a break! :)
 We LOVE Tuesday night dinners at Gigi and Papaw's! Yummy icecream sundays for dessert!
 Skipbo at Nanny's, this girl beats me everytime!
 Nanny taught Cade how to play dominos and he LOVED it! 
 It's pretty sweet to be able to play games and eat snacks with your great grandmother each week! We are soaking up these memories!
 Watching Tatum and her friends worship on Wednesday nights is a good for my soul. There will be times that she doesn't want me to be around, so for now I will soak this up. Jon and I are helping in the kids area on Wednesday nights and it's a blessing to us both!
 And the boy child, he has a heart of gold! He LOVES everything about Wednesday night church!
 Thursday afternoon I escaped real life and spa'd with Beth and Tanna! We celebrated a little early birthday outing for our girl Tanna. Let me just tell you that these 2 girls are so good for my heart! We had great conversation, relaxation and a yummy dinner!
 I am so thankful for these faces!
 While I was away Tatum went to play with the babies!
I got this pic last week of Cade's class for Dr Seuss week. He is loving his second grade class and teacher so much! Cade has always enjoyed school and learning about all things, he is just growing up way too fast!
Friday night the kids had a slumber party with their cousins at Gigi and Papaw's house! Cade and Tatum had a countdown all week for the slumber party, I love that the babies got to join for a while too! :) Here are all of the Clark/Grimes/Jordan children! :) 
  I dropped the kids off for the slumber and took out for a long run! It was a beautiful day for a long run that I had been craving!
 While the kids were away, Jon and I went away!
This is what we did kidless on a Friday night at a pretty hotel, room service, relaxation and tv shows. We never do such a thing and it felt so good! I love my guy!
Sometimes Jon just looks at me and shakes his head. I know exactly what he is thinking too...he is thinking this girl and all these sweets. We just had so much fun! :)
 My parents bought the kids flip a zoo's and they loved them so much! 
 Saturday morning the plan was for Jon and I to sleep in, brunch and hangout a bit. But, we didn't sleep in, we did get breakfast and then we made a mass grocery run before we picked up the kids. That's life my friends and it was just perfect! 
(psst, those Funyons made Cade's week, like for real..he's been telling me all the kids at school get them and he pretty much begged for me to buy him a bag, it's the little things in life my friends)
 Sunday morning I looked in my bedroom while I was getting ready for church and saw this sight. It took me back to a picture of the kids many years ago...
 Who would've thought that 6 years later this tiny little girl would annoy her brother so so so much, and he would have the most patient heart with her?! :) 
 Sunday morning!
 Sunday afternoon we celebrated Cam's 7th birthday! :) Happy Birthday Cam man!
 Sunday night little sis helped me get ready for some friends over for dinner, she is the best helper!
And here we are at Monday again! The kids got in the car and I decided that we needed to head straight to the park! So we did for a few hours and it was so much fun! I couldn't love these days with the kids more! 

We are in Spring Break countown mode around here! 3 more school night and 4 more school mornings, we can do this! 
Have a happy week!

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