Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekend Wrap!

We had a FULL weekend of fun! 
These are the weekends we don't have often because there is no down time, but there was just nothing to cut out of this weekend because it was just all too much fun! :)
We kicked off the weekend with the Bina's! One of our most favorite families on the planet! 
Sweet Jax and Cade!
 We talked and talked for so long with them and still didn't want to leave! Andrea said it best, " A sweet friendship refreshes the soul!" 
 LOVE this fam so much!
 Saturday morning Tatum and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Rachel. I had the best little helper! I love that she wants to join me for all the showers and fun!
 Sweet shower friends!
 After the shower the boys came back home with lunch and told us girls the plan for some family parkin'! I watched the boys play football together and kept thinking how thankful I am for this relationship that they have. It's one that only a dad can have with a son, and for that I am so thankful! Cade is all about his daddy right now! 
 It was such a pretty day for some family fun!
 Later in the afternoon I met up with the girls for a night away at the Omni before Kerri's marathon the next morning. We did nothing but relax, eat way too much candy, talked for hours upon hours, went downstairs for dinner, and back up for more of the same. It was great and wonderful!

 Jon sent me these pics of what was happening at home. Looks like the kids made dinner! :)
 And the race day came very early! 
I was SO excited to be a spectator at this marathon and not a runner! :) It's fun to be on the cheerleader side sometimes! Here we are at mile 9 waiting for our girl!
 And there she came all smiles!
 This was mile 15, you go girl!
 And here we are at the end after a change of clothes. I am so proud of Kerri for rocking such a hard course and finishing the race, it was a tough one! Now we just need someone else to do something monumental so we can go stay together and cheer the next one on! :)
 I asked Jon how things were going Sunday morning at home. He sent me this pic of Tatum and said that he straightened her hair and she was ready to go. I was impressed Jon did such a thing...but I do have to say our girl looks so pretty!
 And we cannot forget about the boy child!
 I came home Sunday afternoon and the kids had made a Game night menu! We had my parents over for dinner and to join the night of games!
 We played 7 games, but the most fun was pie face showdown! :)
Lots and lots of laughs for sure!
Whew that was busy! And now it's Monday and it's go go go until next weekend! I'm thinking the kids and this momma will have the same time bed time all week. 
Have a good Monday!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Life around here


I've slowed down on blogging lately, so I need to catch up on life around here!

So it's February, but it definitely feels like summer already. We have been wearing shorts and sunnies playing outside all week! I am not complaining one bit, I hope this weather sticks around!
Any chance we get we are out riding bikes, taking a walk, jumping on the trampoline, playing ball....really anything outside. Tatum even said the other day that we don't need a playroom anymore and she wants to make that her teacher room now. Oh the 6 year old! :)
 We've been getting all of our reading done before any play time outside. The kids have really improved in their reading this year, we are so proud of them!

 Gigi came over and jumped with the kids! Go Gigi!
 I lunched with the kids this week, which is always so much fun!

 I got to love on the twins a few days this week, can they stay little like this forever!? :)
 Speaking of....thank you facebook for reminding me of how little the children were 5 short years ago. 
 Wednesday night after church the kids and I needed a Sonic snack! :) They told me I was "so cool!" :) If only that would last forever!
 School morning pics, gotta love them! :)
We have a pretty busy weekend around here, so this catches us up.

I read a quote from Rick Warren this week that I wanted to document, " God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls, and coal into diamonds using time and pressure. He's working on you too" 

That is refreshing to my soul!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekend Wrap

Is it really Monday already?!
This weekend flew by way too quickly!
Friday night Jon and I had a fabulous date night! Thanks to Mimi and Pops for coming to play with the kids! 
 They kids parked while we were gone!
Saturday morning I slept in a bit and walked in the living room to see this, love this sight!
 Tatum and I went to Colbie's first birthday party together and had so much fun, we are on a hayride here! 
 Y'all this little baby girl is one that we had to celebrate big, her first year was too much for one person to have to go through in a lifetime. We were so happy to little Colbie Ann, what a fun party!


 While the girls were away the boys played! And can I just tell you all that I have trained Jon well over the years...without such a prompt he sends me pics when I am away and you know I just love that!
 Putt Putt, games and Buffalo Wild Wings is what they do! :) Cade looks SO forward to these days with Jon! 
 After our outings we met back at home and I told the family I was heading out for a long run. I love that the kids immediately said for me to wait for them to get dressed in running clothes because they wanted to come with me! :) They lasted a mile and it was the funnest mile of my run Saturday! I couldn't believe we had 80 degree weather mid February on Saturday. So here we are, my running buddies!
 Sunday smiles for donuts!

 Ok, I kinda like getting this email each week from my workout app, but it's funny how I thought it was wrong. I like to do one long run a week, but I guess my long run the weekend before was on Sunday and this weekend's was on Saturday, so therefore they were really in the same WEEK on the weekly workout summary. I think i'll give my legs a break this week. 
 And if this couldn't be just the opposite of that last pic! 
Y'all, this might be my new fave addiction. I picked one up this weekend and I thought I might share it with the family, uh no! This is the perfect chocolate fix+cookie too, oh me oh my I might be in trouble liking this, a little too much! I better keep those legs a going after all! :)
 Sunday afternoon Tatum asked Jon to help her make a fairy garden, each time I walked by Jon had the paintbrush in his hand. Hmmmm, looking at Tatum's face, I think she was ok with that! :) Love these two!
 Speaking of the sister girl, she asked me to go for a walk with her and listen to Jesus music! Of course I stopped all things and said YES! :) These are the moments I will cherish so much, SO SO much! We talked about her favorite worship songs and how we didn't want the weekend to end. Oh time be still!
 And just as us girls were out the door for a walk, the boys went for a bike ride. We would see them around the neighborhood and say "hi boys" and Tatum would just giggle and giggle! :)
 We finished the weekend off with a little Sunday night dessert and Skipbo! Tatum won and she couldn't have been more proud of herself! :) 
And somehow it's time to start another week, let's make it a good one! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Happy Valentine's!!
We were excited for Tuesday!
 The kids had parties at 9:15 which means they get to go home with me at 10:15 when the parties are over!
 That is the very best part about party day, if you ask me! :) 
2 happy kids ready for school party day (ok, Cade wasn't really feeling the pic and Tay might have been over faking it)!
 Cade's class had some really fun games planned, he had a blast!

 Tatum's class made Vday bags and exchanged Valentines!

 After the parties we went over to Aunt Krissy's house for lunch and then we left Tatum with Papaw, Aunt Krissy and the boys and we snuck out to a movie with Cade! He wanted to see The Lego Batman movie, and any chance we get to go to the movies we go! :) We love this sweet boy!
 We might have been home from the movie for 30 seconds before the legos and batman stuff came out to play! The boy recreated most everything he could remember from the movie with legos! :) 
 Jon came home from work, we exchanged Valentine's and split for our date nights with the kids!
 Jon and Tatum dined at Chicky! They both told me how much fun they had and all the things they talked about! :) I love that she loves going on dates with her daddy, so much! 
 And Cade and I dined at non other, but Grimaldi's! :) We played word search, tic tac toe, hang man, talked about what Cade wants to be when he grows up (the most current occupation is-he wants to work at Monster Jam so he only has to work on Saturdays, haha), we talked about school and friends, and how he missed his daddy. :) I enjoyed my one on one time with my boy!
 Goodness I love these faces so much! :) 
It was a sweet Valentine's day in the Grimes house! Jon and I are excited to go on our date this weekend! :)
Happy Vday!